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Do you like to do hand stitching? I find it very relaxing, and the blanket stitch is a fun and decorative stitch to learn.

This post will show you how I refashioned a knit blazer jacket using a hand blanket stitch. No sewing machine is required. You will also learn all my best blanket stitch tips for sewing curves, corners, and how to make an invisible knot thread change.

My original jacket had these weird sleeves. They were too long to be short sleeves and too short to be 3/4 sleeves. So I decided to cut them off.

Step 1 – Remove Sleeves

The first step was to carefully cut through one layer of fabric at a time all the way around the armhole. To do this, I cut about 5/8 of an inch from the armhole seam on the sleeve side of the garment.

Step 2 – Pin Raw Edges

Next, I used straight pins to hold the raw edges down before sewing. I used the existing armhole seam for the fold line and tucked the raw edges inside. Since this jacket was made from a knit material, I didn’t worry about fraying on the raw edge.

Step 3 – Blanket Stitch

The final step is to add the blanket stitch around the entire edge of the armhole. I also chose to add the blanket stitch on all the other edges of my jacket. I used a large sewing needle and light blue crochet thread for my blanket stitch. But you can also use yarn, embroidery thread, and even sewing thread to make this stitch.

I look so serious. 🙂

You can find demonstrations for all my blanket stitch tips in the video below.

Here is a list of materials and supplies you can use to help perfect your stitches.

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