How to Make a Cute DIY Cropped Jacket With Short Sleeves

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In today's tutorial, I am going to show you how to make a cropped jacket. This cropped jacket is super simple to make and the design on the Ankara fabric is so lovely and bright. Let's get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric
  • Chalk
  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Clips or pins
  • Ruler
  • Curved ruler
  • Scissors
Measuring the length of the top

1. Make the pattern

I started by folding my fabric in two, then marked the length of my jacket. The length I used was 18 inches, plus an inch for seam allowance. I squared out that line before moving on.  

Marking the shoulder measurements

Next, I marked out my shoulder measurement, which was 9.5 inches. 

Marking the shoulder slant

I also marked 1 inch down from that shoulder measurement to form the shoulder slant. 

Drafting the cropped jacket sewing pattern

Next came the armhole measurement. I marked 9 inches from the shoulder slant. Then I squared out the line. 

Measuring the bust line

Next is the bust line. I marked mine at 12 inches, then squared that off as well.

Marking the neckline

For the neckline, I marked 3 inches in and 4 inches down, then connected them with a round line.  

Connecting the neckline to the shoulder slant

Then I connected the neckline to the shoulder slant. 

How to draw a cropped jacket sewing pattern

Next, I found the halfway point between my shoulders line and my armhole measurement. For me, this was 4.5 inches.  

Drawing the underarm curve

I marked that and then made a mark about half an inch inward from that line to serve as a guide to draw my underarm curve. 


Using a curved ruler to draw the underarm

I used a curved ruler to draw out the underarm curve but you can freestyle it if you're really good with your hands.  

DIY cropped jacket sewing pattern

To draw the underarm area, I drew two lines so that I could use one for the front of the jacket and one for the back. It was easier for me to have that drawn out already. 

Marking the bust measurement

Once I finished that, I went ahead and marked my bust measurement (40 inches), divided by 4, plus an inch for a seam allowance. So, the total is 11 inches. 

Cutting out the cropped jacket sewing pattern

With all of the marks done I went ahead and cut out the front and back bodice pieces.

Cutting out the deeper armhole in the front piece

The neck depth for the back piece is 1.5 inches. I cut on the larger line for the front and the smaller line for the back armhole. 

Cutting the front bodice open on the fold

I cut open the front bodice piece on the fold to turn the top into a jacket.

Making facing for the DIY crop top jacket

2. Make the facing

First, I cut out the facing for the back piece. To do that, I just traced out the neck area of the back piece and added about 2 or 3 inches to the width of it, then cut it out.  

Making the front facing

For the front facing, I did the exact same thing. The only difference was that this piece of facing was going to be for the neck area and also the open front part of the cropped jacket.

Drawing a pattern for the short crop top jacket sleeves

3. Make the sleeves

Cutting out the pattern for the sleeves was actually pretty easy. I folded the fabric in about 8 inches and marked 5 inches down on the raw side.

Measuring the short sleeves for the cropped jacket

Then, I marked the length of my sleeve, which was about 9 inches, plus an extra inch for my seam allowance.   

How to make a crop top jacket

I marked the sleeve in 7 inches and then drew out the sleeve in an s-shape, connecting the top and the 5-inch point.

Once you have your sleeve length and and everything connected, make sure you add your sewing allowance all around, then cut out your sleeves.  

Hemming the sleeves

Next, I hemmed the sleeves. 

Pinning the sleeves at the shoulders

4. Assemble the DIY cropped jacket

With the sleeves done, it was time to put the jacket together. I started by pinning the sleeves together at the shoulders and sewing them down.

Attaching the sleeves to the bodice

With that done, I cut notches at the armholes to mark the center. Then, I aligned this with the bodice shoulder seam and pinned the sleeves to the bodice.

Cropped jacket tutorial

With the sleeves attached to the body, I finished sewing the underarms and the side seams.

Sewing the facing pieces together

5. Attach the facings

I pinned and sewed the facing pieces together.

Attaching the facing to the bodice

Then, I attached them to the bodice of the jacket, making sure to match them at the shoulder seams.  

Pinning and sewing the DIY crop top jacket facings

Once I finished pinning everything, I sewed them down, right sides facing.

Snipping around the neckline facing

With the facing sewed to the body, I turned it inside and snipped around the neck area.  

Understitching the facings

Once that was done, I understitched all the way around, making sure I sewed on the seam allowance. 

Hemming the DIY crop top jacket

6. Hem

All I had left to do was hem the jacket!

How to make a cropped jacket

How to make a cropped jacket tutorial

I hope you have enjoyed watching today's tutorial on how to make a cropped jacket. I loved this print so much, I also made a pencil skirt in the same fabric, so I can wear a matching set!

Let me know what you think of this tutorial and the final result in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Chalk
  • Sewing machine
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