5 Different Ways to Wear a Headband

by Loepsie
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Headbands are such an easy way to elevate your hair game without any effort. I really do love a good headband to spice up an otherwise dull hair day.

Follow along to see 5 different ways to wear a headband, without looking like a child!

Center parted

Let’s start off with a “don’t” for headband hairstyles. Maybe you remember doing this as a child–putting the elastic headband around your neck and then pushing back the hair at the crown. Most adults can’t pull off this look as it’s a bit outdated and childish!

1. Center parted 

Begin by parting your hair down the center. Pull your headband back until about the center of your head, behind your bangs if you have them, without pulling the hair backward.

I like this look because it’s classic and a bit preppy. You can use many types of headbands with this look.

Center parted

Here’s a side view:

Center parted

Try an embellished headband in the same way.

This is a nice alternative to jewelry, so make sure that if you’re wearing other accessories that you keep them simple.

Center parted

2. Sleek ponytail

Another idea is to pair the embellished headband with a low ponytail.

This just gives a little bit more visual interest to an otherwise simple hairstyle.

Sleek ponytail

3. Top knot

Another way I might style a headband is with a classic, top knot bun.

With the hair up and out of your face, there’s room for a more “out there” headband. I’ve chosen this gilded looking headband that you can slide on from the top.

This makes it easier with the bun because there’s no need to pull the headband over the hair. 

Top knot

Try tucking the ends through the hair so that they kind of disappear.

Top knot

Here’s the same look with bangs tucked in. This versatility is the beauty of a headband!

Top knot

4. The headband updo

Here I’m using this retro looking, lace headband. Start by wearing it like this:

The headband updo

Next, pull sections of hair out in the front. Then, in the back, roll the hair up toward your head and tuck it over the elastic band of the headband to cover it.

The headband updo

Now, twist the hair from the front and tuck it behind the elastic, then secure in place with bobby pins. 

The headband updo

It’s a quick and easy way to create a headband updo!

The headband updo

5. The cozy headband

For those cold winter days, these knit headbands are the perfect accessory to both keep your ears warm and elevate your look.

I tend to want to wear mine like this:

The cozy headband

But inevitably, the headband always rides up and I end up with this hair situation:

The cozy headband

To avoid this issue, I pull my hair back in a low bun. Then, pull the headband under the bun and then over your head.

This way, the bun keeps the headband from creeping up.

The cozy headband

I’ve pulled my bangs to either side for a 70s, curtain bangs look.

The cozy headband

5 different ways to wear a headband

Now that you’ve seen 5 different ways to wear a headband, let me know in the comments below which is your favorite option.

Or, if you have other headband ideas, show us those as well!

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