3 Quick & Easy 4C Hairstyles You Can Create Using Pantyhose

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Do you know what happens to me all the time? My hair is a mess. I need to go out. I don’t have the time to plop my hair and put a wig on, so what do I do to my hair?

I know many of you struggle with this as well, so here are 3 of my go-to, easy 4C hairstyles that I reach for every time I need to go out and my hair is in a messy state.

Tools and materials:

  • Pantyhose
  • Old wig or braiding hair 
  • Bobby pins
  • Brush
  • Leave-in conditioner or curl smoothie
  • Hair gel

Preparing your hair for styling

How to detangle knots in 4C hair

1. Detangle your hair 

The first thing you should do is take out any knots that are hanging out by the edges of your hair. 

Adding a curl-enhancing smoothie product to hair

2. Add product

Next, I’m going to add some product to my hair. I’m using a curl-enhancing smoothie to my hair, but a leave-in works just as well. This is going to make our hair softer. Really spread it around and work the product into your hair. 

Hairstyle 1: rolled updo

Using gel to pull the edges into place

Using a brush, use a hair gel to put your edges and the sides of your hair in place.

Tying hair with pantyhose

After brushing in place, I like to use pantyhose to tie around my hair and pack it off to the side. Use little pieces of hair to cover up the pantyhose so it’s not visible. 

Twisting and rolling sections of hair

Next, take a section of hair and twist/roll the ends then tuck and pin it under the pantyhose. Roll, pin, and tuck. Repeat this with the rest of your hair.

I like this style because even if you have medium-length hair as I do, it gives the illusion of very full hair.

4c natural hairstyle updo

Here’s the finished look! Feel free to lay your edges with gel to really finish it up.

This cute 4C natural hairstyle updo takes me less than five minutes to put together and it looks so refined. It can take you from work to party, or wherever you need to go.

Hairstyle 2: pinned top bun

Brushing hair into place with gel

Put some hair gel around your edges and brush it in place.

Tying hair halfway up with pantyhose

After your hair is laid, use the same pantyhose to tie up your hair. Instead of doing it off-center like in the previous tutorial, tie your hair halfway to the top.

Covering the pantyhose band with hair

Again, just like in the previous tutorial, use your hair to cover up the pantyhose band. 

Pulling hair up into a bun

Take all of your hair and pull it up as if you’re about to put it in a bun, gathering all of the ends in one hand.  

Pinning the hair ends in the middle

Pin the ends down to the middle of your head. Pin and tuck any flyaways.

Cute 4C hairstyle that's quick and easy to do

Here’s the finished hairstyle! This look is so put together and perfect. It’s great for work or as an everyday style.

Hairstyle 3: where there's a wig, there's a way

Placing a wig over the bun

Building off of the previous tutorial, take an old wig or braiding hair and place it over the bun.

Rolling the wig around itself and the bun

Roll the wig around itself and the bun. Pin the edges to secure.

Pinning the hair

Finally, pin the center of the hair as well so your hair’s not going anywhere, even if someone tries to snatch it!

Easy 4c hairstyle tutorial

Here’s the finished look!

Easy 4c hairstyles

See how quick it is to get yourself together even though your hair is a mess? These three quick 4C hairstyles are my go-to’s anytime my hair needs some serious work and I need to go out.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful, and let me know which hairstyle is your favorite in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Pantyhose
  • Old wig or braiding hair
  • Bobby pins
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    Thanks for these ideas! I am a Latina with semi-curly hair. Your ideas has given me great suggestions to do with my hair! Thank you so much!