Easy Hack to Get the Braided Bun Look

I'm back! My first post on Upstyle showed a great updo with a fancy touch. Here I want to give you guys a step-by-step of my beautiful braided bun.

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Start with your hair in a half-up and half-down ponytail. The top section separated from the bottom.

Split the bottom half of your hair in two parts and braid both halves.

Now also braid the top section of your hair into a single braid.

Here's how your hair should look at this point.

Create a small hole on the top right and slide the left braid through it.

Create a small hole on the top left and slide the right braid through it.

Give the braids a slight pull to tighten everything.

Move all of the excess braids down and tuck them with bobby pins.

Secure everything into place.

Wrap the last single braid around the bun the other two buns created giving the hairstyle a polished finish.

WOW! Here's the end results.

Did you like this hair tutorial? I am new to Upstyle and only have a few tutorials on here but you can see more of my reels on my other social media. Find me on Instagram @chroniclesofgraytransformation

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  • Trixie63 Trixie63 on Mar 17, 2023

    I decided at 60 I just didn't care about some of the things I used to so now I have Less stress (stopped dealing with certain family members) great skin (no makeup just wash with Caress and moisturize) a comfortable wardrobe and long grey hair. I'm excited to view your videos as I've not had long hair in quite a while and need new things to do with it. thanks!