How I Made My Own Disney Inspired Backpack

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
3 Materials
2 Hours

If you have been to Disney World in the last 5 years, you no doubt idly saw the adorable backpacks with Mickey/Minnie ears! Well I wanted one but didn't plan on sending $100 (the going rate in the parks).

I had this Steve Madden tie dye backpack for YEARS and hadn't really used it. This is why you can't throw anything out people! Stuff is always coming back in style.

So I decided to add some ears! I know, I know, I am getting out of hand!

You may be wondering why I seem to have a million Mickey/Minnie ears lying around for all these projects. Well for my daughters 2nd birthday I got a Amazon pack and these are the leftovers from her party I keep repurposing.

I cut off the headband part and just stitched it on to the back pack with some thread.

At first I wanted to use a white sequence headband but it was the last pair and my daughter wanted it. However, I think the black sticks out more!

Now I got my very own "Disney exclusive" back pack except I guess it's a Berta exclusive icon

Suggested materials:
  • Backpack
  • Mickey/Minnie headband
  • Thread

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