Tie Dye up a Trick-Or-Treat Pumpkin Bag

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It is day NINETEEN of Thirty Days of Halloween with Me, Laura ( and I am in love with this project. I pulled it from the archives and updated the pictures as my blogging skills have slightly improved since it first posted.

I turned an old white towel into a bag for trick or treating. It was so much fun and came out so cute that I simply must share! You will need the following supplies: Tangerine RIT dye, Ribbon, Embroidery Floss/Needle, Rubber Bands, Scissors, Iron, Black Felt

The first step is to rubber band up the towel. Roll it up and put rubber bands tightly in a uniform pattern. Any way will work. Use Orange RIT dye in the washing machine (directions are on the bottle and really easy). Dry it the dryer then iron it to get it ready to sew up.

Fold the towel in half and sew up the two sides necessary to create a bag. I did it with embroidery floss and a large needle but a sewing machine would work too (PROBABLY BETTER!)

Add buttons and ribbon to make fringe on the bottom of the bag. Cut pieces of ribbon approximated 5 inches long, sew them and the buttons onto the bag, through both sizes. I added a button on each side to make it pretty. I also added ribbon for a handle and buttons to embellish the bag where the ribbon was sewn.

Cut the pieces to make a face from black felt and stitch them on with embroidery floss. You can add buttons here too.

Wah – Lah! It is ready to head out the door on the cutest kid you know for some good old fashioned TRICK OR TREATING FUN!

Happy Dyeing Up Some Tricky and Treaty Fun,


Suggested materials:
  • Rit Dye   (Grocery Store)
  • Recycled Towel   (Closet)

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