How to Get a Twist Out Absolutely Perfect, A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Lauryn Nicole
by Lauryn Nicole
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In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to do a twist out to get the best results. In my previous tutorial, I demonstrated How to Do Perfect Mini Twists. Well, I've kept those mini twists in for over a month and now I'll be revealing the best twist out ever! Let's get into it.

Tools and materials:

  • Vitamin e oil
How to do natural twist out styles

How long to leave a twist out in?

The longer you leave your twists in, the better definition you will get when you twist out. I kept my mini twists in for a month and three days. They've held up really well. If you wanted, you could keep them in even longer in order to dread your hair.

Applying vitamin e oil

1. Applying vitamin e oil

To take the twists out, I’m going to be using some vitamin e oil. I’m going to rub it in my hands and, using my fingers, apply it through my hair. Doing this will make my hair very moisturized and soft, which is exactly what I want.

How to do a twist out

2. Start unraveling the twists

Rub some more oil into your hands, and then grab a twist from the back of your head. From the bottom of the twist, start to unravel it working all the way up to the top. Don't separate the curls.

If you don’t have oil on your hands when doing this, your hair will just get really frizzy. 

Unraveling the twists

3. Unravel all the rest

Continue to unravel all the other twists. I decided to still keep the braids in on the side of my head because I have some heat damage in that area.

Separating the curls with fingers

4. Separate the curls (optional)

I wanted a little extra volume, so I chose to separate some of the curls right from the very root. Just separate them the way they naturally want to split. You could skip this step if you just want to keep the twist out as it is for definition.

Twist out from the back

When I did this before, I got a lot of frizz. However, I think my hair didn’t get as frizzy this time because I had these twists in for so long. So for better results, I definitely advise keeping your twists in for four weeks like I did.

Best twist out ever

How to do a twist out tutorial

Here we have the best twist out ever! The definition is on point and it looks so pretty. My hair looks so defined. I love it. Let me know if you found this tutorial helpful. Thanks for tuning in!

Suggested materials:
  • Vitamin e oil

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