How To Make a Handle(Strap) For Bag or Camera

by Ruveyda
30 Minutes

You can make this strap or handle for your bag or your camera. Any idea what else we can use it as? Please comment below.

Let’s Macraming 🙂

I made a DIY macrame shoulder bag especially using this strap, you can learn how to make macrame bag after making this strap. I have a diy bag kit that this kit includes this strap.

Here is the steps:

  1. Prepare your materials.
  2. Cotton rope, clips, scissors, tape, tape measure.
  3. Watch My Video On Youtube

Materials you can buy on amazon:

If you don't want to get my kit you can buy these to make handle.

Free Strap Pattern. Fixed with tape and make 3 Lark’s head knots.

Make square knots.

The number of knots depends on the length you want.

Make Lark’s head knot for other clips.

Continue to make lark’s head.

Don’t give up 🙂

Finish the lark’s head

Make Gathering Knot

Make Gathering knot for other clips.

Your strap is ready. Enjoy to use it 🙂


How To Make a Strap For Bag Or Camera

You can watch my youtube video to make it easy. Every details in this video tutorial.

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