How to Properly Clean Your Leather Gloves and Preserve Their Beauty

Christie Moeller
by Christie Moeller

Are you supposed to wash leather gloves? YES!

In the washer? NO NEVER!!!!

Here's how you can wash your own leather gloves at home.

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All you need is some room temperature water and an oil based soap like zote

Work the soap into the water until you've created a luxurious little bath for your gloves

You want your water to look like this

Now dip a cloth into the water and squeeze the water out

Then give your gloves a good wipe down on both sides

Now take some clean water and a clean cloth and do the process again but without the soap

Lay your gloves flat to dry and follow with a leather conditioner

If your gloves smell a little ripe on the inside sprinkle in some baking soda which will get rid of any smell and moisture in there

Now your gloves are all done and look brand new again!

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