Maternity Jeans (DIY)

Sarah Lux Chronicles
by Sarah Lux Chronicles

It is no secret, I can no longer fit into my beloved jeans,

I have built up my "dream" mom jean collection and I wore them until I absolutely had no other choice!

But I came across a Pinterest post saying you can DIY your own maternity jeans! Uhm... yes, please!

Even though I was leary about cutting up my favorite jeans, I thought who doesn't love a few extra inches? It would even put me through my fourth trimester. I figured I will get my use out of them no matter what!

This is what you need:

6 Inch Elastic




Pins to hold elastic in place

The first step is to cut out the entire pocket on both sides. Your finished product will look funny but trust the process!

Take the elastic and eye measure the width of the cut-out area. Next double the size! This is important. You always want more than you need!

Take your needle and thread and begin to sew the seams. You can hand sew as I did, or you can use a machine, it is all up to you.

Once all the seams are sewn in, you can trim the access around the seam. I recommend trimming because you don't need to extra plus you don't want any irritation.

These can take you through pregnancy or not. Even if you can't part with your favorite pair of denim you can use this trick to adjust without a seamstress!

What do you think about this idea?!

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