How to Make ANY Jean Into Maternity Jeans

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
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Maternity jeans are SO expensive! Considering I'll only be wearing them for a few months in my life time, this pregnancy I basically refuse to buy maternity clothes. Plus I already have a million pairs of jeans I like!

I will say, that the low rise jeans work a little better then high rise when accommodating maternity bellies.

Before about 5 months, you can get away with the the hair tie method which is basically just looping a hair tie through the button hole and securing it to the button itself.

After that, you will most likely need a band. I had this shape wear tank top (not sure why) that would be PERFECT, but any pair of stretched out spanx will do the trick.

I cut the top off and threw it on top!

I still used the hair tie under this too make sure my pants wouldn't start slipping. To go the extra mile, you can sow the band into the jeans but I rather put this one top each pair that way I can use it for multiple jeans and I don't have to ruin the jeans themselves, however if you have an old pair you don't care about I would go that route.

Now show off your bump ladies!


  • old spanx
  • your low rise jeans
Suggested materials:
  • Old spanx   (your closet)
  • Your favorite low rise jeans   (your closet)

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