How to Make Multi-Strand Bracelets With Beads & Chain

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30 Minutes

This multi-strand bracelet has everything…beads, chains, glamor, and fun! If you want to learn how to make multi-strand bracelets with beads, then follow my tutorial. It’s really quite easy, and I’ll guide you through it step by step. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Longnose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutting tool
  • Variety of beads and chain
  • 0.45mm jewelry wire
  • Crimping beads
  • Lobster clasp
  • Jump rings
Preparing your beads and chain

1. Prepare your beads and chain

When you are making your bracelet, work out the length you need including the length of the clasp. 

If you have a bead palette, lay out the beads and chains you want to use for your multi-strand bracelet.

Making the first strand of beads

2. Make your first strand of beads

String the first row of beads you want in your bracelet into your beading wire. Don’t cut the wire first – string the beads with the wire on the roll. String them on, one after another, until you have your desired bracelet let (minus the clasp) in beads.

Adding a crimping bead

Add a crimping bead after the last bead you put on the wire

Adding a round piece of toggle clasp

Then add the round piece of a toggle clasp. This is a good piece to use because it’s a closed circle with no split, so you can be confident that your stringed beads won’t fall off. 

Now loop the end of the wire around the round piece of the toggle clasp and feed the end of the wire back through the crimping bead. With long-nosed pliers, crimp the wire right below the crimping bead.

DIY beaded bracelets

Bring the beads down to the end with the crimping wire and thread the loose end of the wire into the hole of the first bead. 

Cutting off the excess wire

Cut off the excess wire, leaving enough to secure that end with another crimping bead and toggle. 

How to make a multi-strand bracelet

Add the crimping bead and toggle ring to that end of the bracelet. This time, instead of crimping the wire, you need to close up the gap between the ring and the beads.

So, thread the loose end of the wire through the closest bead, and then grab the loose end of the wire with your pliers and pull gently to close up the gap, leaving just a little give on the bracelet so you’ll still be able to put the loose wire through the hole in the bead.

Then crimp the wire, cut off the excess if it’s longer than you need, and thread the loose wire through the bead.

Adding a length of chain to the bracelet

3. Add your chain

Cut the length of chain you need and hook one end of it onto a jump ring. 

Using jump rings to secure the chain

Hook the jump ring onto the toggle ring attached to your first string of beads and use pliers to securely close up the gap in the jump ring. 

Adding jump rings to the chain

Now your chain is connected to the first string of beads.

Add another jump ring to the other end of the chain and connect it to the other toggle ring.           

DIY multi-strand bracelet

4. Add the rest of your strands

Using the same method for stringing and connecting, add as many more strings of beads and chains as you want. 

Attaching the closure clasp

5. Attach the closure clasp

Open a small jump ring and slip your clasp of choice on it. I used a lobster clasp. 

DIY bead bracelet ideas

Put the toggle ring from one end of your bracelet over the jump ring. If your toggle ring has a second tiny ring on it, thread that ring onto the jump ring.

Closing the jump ring

Use pliers to close up the jump ring.

Adding a larger jump ring

Add a jump ring to the other end of your bracelet that is just a bit larger than the jump ring attached to the clasp at the other end.

How to make multi-strand bracelets with beads

How to make multi-strand bracelets with beads

What do you think? It’s so pretty, right? I hope you try this DIY multi-strand bracelet. It’s definitely a way to express your imagination. Leave a comment to let me know how yours came out.

Suggested materials:
  • Longnose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutting tool
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