DIY Fringe Earrings

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I recently created a pair of fringe earrings that have become one of my favorite summer accessories. By totally transforming a pair of old hoop earrings that I never wore anymore, I was able to give the earrings a new lease on life. This DIY is quick, fun, and affordable and will have you rocking a new pair of fringe earrings in no time!

DIY hoop earrings

Tools and materials:

  • Hoop earrings
  • Cotton twine 
  • Scissors 
  • Comb 
Attach the cotton

Tie on the cotton twine 

The first step is to loop the pieces of 6-inch cotton twine around your hoop earrings. Create a small loop in the piece of twine and tie it around the hoop using a slip knot. Continue doing this until you are happy with the amount of cotton twine on your earrings. 

How to make hoop earrings

Trim the fringe 

Next, take a pair of scissors and trim the fringe. You can choose how long or short you want the fringe to be. 

Macrame hoop earrings

Comb the fringe 

Take your comb and comb out the fringe to separate the pieces of twine and create the perfect ‘fringe’ style. 

Retrim the fringe

Retrim the fringe 

Check to see if there are any uneven pieces of the fringe and just trim them right off. 

DIY macrame hoop earrings

There you have it! A gorgeous pair of fringe earrings in just a few simple steps. What other earring transformation ideas do you have? Let me know in the comments! 

Suggested materials:
  • Hoop earrings
  • Cotton twine
  • Scissors
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  • Ana Alonzo Ana Alonzo on Apr 06, 2021

    very cute idea!!! thanks for sharing it.

  • Jamberlei Jamberlei on May 18, 2021

    Very cute! Your video has inspired me to try different color combos & also adding beads in between the fringe.