How to Create Some Earrings From Non Edible Nuts!

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
3 Materials
10 Minutes

Growing in the rainforest of Ecuador are palm trees with non edible fruit in the form of a hard chunky nut. These nuts are called Tagua nuts and they can be used for quality items such as chess pieces and beads. I love all the bright colours that they are dyed. They are sliced and drilled ready for makers to create with.

Tagua beads

I choose some lovely bright yellow discs shaped ones with pre drilled holes for the fixings. Then using my trusted round nosed pliers I open up a silver jump ring and I put it into that hole and leave opening for a smaller one.

Add jump ring

The smaller silver ring is now attached by sliding it in place on the big ring. I then carefully close the gap of the bigger one by squeezing the round nosed pliers firmly together to close gap. I repeat the whole process for the other earring so I have a matching pair.

Adding smaller ring

Then I add a sterling silver ear hook by opening the little hook with the pliers.

Add ear hook

Squeezing the little hook together in order to secure the silver ear hook on and now they are ready to wear proudly and so eco friendly!

Tagua earrings
Suggested materials:
  • Jump rings   (Amazon)
  • Silver ear hooks   (Amazon)
  • Tagua nut beads   (Etsy / susangoodedesigns)

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