How to Make Cute Mushroom Earrings Out of Scraps of Felt

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to make these adorable plush mushroom earrings. All you need is felt, thread, the mushroom drop earring pattern, and a sewing needle. I can’t wait to show you the results! Let’s start.

Tools and materials:

Felt mushroom earrings pattern

1. Pattern and tools explained

Once you have downloaded the free mushroom earrings pattern, go ahead and cut out these four easy pattern pieces. 

To quickly explain this pattern, the red part is the mushroom cap; then you have the actual stem, the cap bottom (under the cap), and the stem’s bottom. This pattern will help you choose your colors for each section. 

Cutting out the pattern pieces

2. Cut the pattern pieces

Cut out the pattern pieces and then trace them onto your felt. How you do it is up to you, either holding it down or pinning it down. Whatever is easiest for you! 

Cutting out the felt pieces

Ensure to follow the instructions; cut four pieces for the cap, three stem pieces, and one piece for the cap and stem bottom. 

Tip: Fold the felt to cut out more pieces.

Chopping up felt for stuffing

Before we start making these cute mushroom earrings, I want to point out that if you don’t have stuffing, you can use the excess felt pieces as your stuffing; just chop them into tiny pieces. 

Sewing the mushroom cap

3. Sew the mushroom cap

Take two pieces and sew the sides together, from the curved end to the tip. 

Sewing an overcasting stitch

Use an overcasting stitch and try to keep them even. You can use any stitch you want; this will be on the inside, and no one will see it. 

How to sew a felt mushroom cap

Once you reach the tip, add another piece and sew the side from the tip down. End off the stitch when you get to the bottom. 

Sewing a mushroom cap

Add the last piece and start sewing from the bottom. Then, continue down to close it off. 

Adding stuffing to the mushroom cap

Turn the mushroom cap right sides out and add a little stuffing. 

Sewing the stem of the mushroom

4. Sew the stem

Sew the three stem pieces the same way as you did with the mushroom cap. 

Attaching the bottom of the stem

5. Attach the stem bottom

While the stem is still wrong sides out, sew on the stem bottom. You’ll need to make it fit and give your felt a little stretch. 

Sewing around the perimeter

Switch your thread color if needed, and sew around the perimeter. 

Using a chopstick to get the edges

Turn the stem's right sides out and use a chopstick to get the edges out. 

Placing stuffing inside the mushroom stem

Next, place the stuffing inside with the help of the chopstick. 

Tip: Make little balls from the stuffing to make the process easier. 

Attaching the cap bottom

6. Attach the cap bottom

It’s time to attach the cap bottom around the top of the stem. So, put the cap right over the stem and sew!

Assembling the DIY mushroom earrings

7. Assemble the mushroom earrings

Now, sew the cap onto the rest of the mushroom. 

How to sew the pieces together

It’s really simple; either hold it or pin it and work your way around the perimeter with the same stitch. 

Attaching the earring hook

8. Sew the earring hook and embellishments

Your cute mushroom earring is almost complete. Now, sew on the earring hook right on top so it dangles. 

Sewing a little pearl

Before you attach the ear wire, add a cute little pearl first. 

Sewing the pearl onto the earring

Now, secure it with an end-off stitch by creating a small loop and putting your needle through the loop. 

Making a mushroom earring with pearl beads

Don’t cut the thread just yet; because you can add your embellishments now. Slide your needle through the mushroom earring to the center and feed through your beads!

Using glue instead of sewing

You can use glue (instead of sewing), beads, or anything you want to make your mushroom earring look cuter! Pick up the bead with the needle and go back under the bead to another spot. Continue this process to make your own creation!

How to make mushroom earrings

How to make mushroom earrings

How easy was this mushroom earring sew-along? Of course, I only made one mushroom drop earring, but you’re going to go ahead and make the second! Also, look at all the color combos and different embellishments you can use! It’s, seriously, so fun to create! Thanks for joining me on this tutorial on how to make mushroom earrings. See you next time. 

Suggested materials:
  • Felt
  • Thread
  • Sewing needle
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