How To Stamp a Silver Spoon Necklace

by Thistlewood
5 Materials
30 Minutes

Have vintage silverware sitting in a drawer taking up space?

Don't let it sit any longer.


Why not make it into a piece of jewelry?

This is such a simple project or easy gift for someone special and spoons make the perfect necklace with just a few changes.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to make a stamped silver necklace.

Here are some of the supplies you need to get started:

spoon (at the risk of stating the obvious)

steel stamping block


silver stamps

jump ring


Step 1: Remove the handle of the spoon

Put the handle of the spoon in a vice grip and use a hack saw to saw off the handle.

Use a metal file to file down any rough edges.


Step 2: Flatten the spoon with a rubber mallet

Hammer the spoon until flat.

You will still have some bumps when you finish.

It’s okay.

They’re called character.


Step 3: Drill hole for necklace

Clamp flattened spoon down and drill a hole through the silver.

Use a small drill bit.

Don’t drill to close to the edge.

File any sharp edges with a metal file.

Step 4: Choose the size of stamps you want to use

Here are the three sizes of stamps I have.

1/4 (largest)…..all caps.

5/64 (2mm) (medium)…..all caps.

3/32 (smallest) …..lower case.

I used the 1/4 for the NANA necklace and the 5/64 for the name necklace.

Step 5: Stamp spoon

Place spoon on the stamping block.

Hold the silver stamp where you want the letter to go and hit hard with a hammer several times.

Sometimes you have to flip the spoon over and flatten it again when the edges curl up slightly.

Step 6: Fill in letters with a fine-tipped sharpie

After you finish stamping, you will notic that the letters are a little hard to see.

To add definition, just trace each letter with a fine-tip sharpie.

Step 7: Add the jump ring and chain

I really like the jump rings that resemble key chains. They are so much easier to use. I buy the chain in extra long strands from Hobby Lobby and use needle-nose pliers to adjust it to fit.

To turn your stamped spoon into a necklace, simply add the jump ring to the hole in the top of the silver-plated spoon. Next, string the chain through the jump ring.

That's it.

Your necklace is ready to gift or to wear.

It makes a statement all on its own or combined with other pieces of jewelry.

And now?

Your silverware is ready to shine.

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Suggested materials:
  • Stamping block   (etsy)
  • Silver stamps   (etsy)
  • Chain   (Hobby Lobby)
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