These Cute DIY Macrame Hoop Earrings Are Super-Easy to Make

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Do you have some plain hoop earrings lying around? Why not transform them into something spectacular with this macrame hoop earrings tutorial!

You also don’t need many tools and materials to make these large macrame hoop earrings. Grab your cotton yarn and let’s get this transformation underway!

Tools and materials:

  • Cotton yarn or cotton cording
  • Hooped earrings
  • Scissors
  • Brush
  • Glue
  • Tape
Cutting yarn for the macrame hoop earrings

1. Cut the yarn

Take your yarn and fold it back and forth. It should be 4 inches. Fold it five times, then cut the ends to have individual pieces. You should now have 10 pieces. 

Splitting the yarn for thinner strands

2. Split the yarn

Take each piece and pull it apart, so you have thinner strands. As you can see, I split mine in half and then in half again.

You don’t want it too thick as then it won’t look so great when you make the macrame hoop earrings. 

Looping the yarn onto the earrings

3. Twist onto the earrings

Ok, here’s the fun part! Fold one piece of yarn in half and make a loop at the top. Take a loop and place it on your hoop earring. 

Knotting the yarn on the hoop earring

Loop the two ends through the loop and pull the ends down tightly, so you have a nice strong knot. 

How to make macrame hoop earrings

Continue doing this until you have five of these tassels on each hoop. 

Adding contrasting-colored yarn

4. Tie another piece

Now, take a contrasting colored yarn and cut it at 7-8 inches. Split it just as you did with the first colored yarn. 

Folding the yarn piece unevenly

Now, don’t fold it evenly in half. It should have a short side and a longer side, as shown. When you loop it around your earring, make sure the long side is on the outer edge of the tassels. 

Macrame hoop earrings tutorial

Once you have looped in both pieces to both earrings, tape down the earrings before you proceed to the next step. 

Macrame knotting the yarn on the earrings

5. Do the macrame knotting process

Fold the long piece over your short piece. 

How to do macrame earrings

Now, take the short pieces and pull it over the top through the loop to create a knot. Do this twice. Pull the yarn, so you have a nice tight knot. 

DIY macrame hoop earrings

Making macrame hoop earrings

Now, repeat this process on the next dangling piece of yarn. It may be a little hard to get it right the first time but after the second knot, you’ll get the hang of it! Remember to do it twice all the way through. 

Knotting each piece of yarn twice

Continue the process and remember to knot each piece twice as you work your way through the DIY macrame hoop earrings. 

Trimming the ends of the yarn

6. Cut the ends

Once you're done, flip the hoop earring over and cut the ends, as shown. 

Brushing the ends of the tassels

Then, brush the tassels. 

Cutting off the end pieces

Applying fabric glue to prevent fraying

Cut the ends and put a little fabric glue to prevent any fraying. 

Large macrame hoop earrings

Cute DIY macrame earrings with yarn

Macrame hoop earrings

Macrame hoop earrings tutorial

How cute are these macrame hoop earrings? They're so easy to make, and the best part is, you can use whatever color combo you like. Even if you opt for one color, it will still look gorgeous since the detailed knotting is really what gives these earrings their edge.

Now that you know how to make macrame earrings, what color combo will you be using? Let me know in the comments below!

Suggested materials:
  • Cotton yarn or cotton cording
  • Hooped earrings
  • Scissors
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