Extracting Aloe Vera. Hair, Body & Feet Care.

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Hello upstyle

I have a aloe vera plant which needed some TLC.

I pruned a lot from the plant which was sad.

But I knew I could make meny different things with this plant, skin care, Hair care, feet care. So much to choose from.

All of them πŸ˜‚ why not.

Below is my aloe vera stems.

there is more just not in the picture

When you cut your aloe stems let them sit in water for 15mins

You will need

1- Chopping board

2- sharp knife

3- spoon

4- metel mixing bowl

5- aloe vera stems

I start by using a knife

Snipping the ends of, making a slit down each side

I write this now!

As I use a easy way further below.

Slipping the knife down the frount very thinly

Removing completely

Next scrape the aloe extract with a spoon

Start at the top of the stem and scrape the spoon

To the very bottom

It should look like below.

It can become messy.

So HERE is my easy way.

Snip the top and bottom off

Gently start from the top of the stem and gently push in a downwards motion, you will feel the gel moving

It will run out the bottom leaveing the stem in one piece. much easier!

Much faster and still in one bit less messy.πŸ˜‚πŸ’―

Below my aloe extract.

Looking good. Feeling like slug gunk Haha

I will use this for my face.

I place in airtight container it will last two weeks.

It as sooo meny purposes.

Below I will chop up some aloe in strips

So I can place them under my eyes once cool.

They are fantastic to use for puffiness around the eyes.

So thease will be my eye care

Once there chopped to a nice sizes to suit the area around your eye.

Put into a airtight container.

That's the extract made and

Eye strips, I will call them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Below the aloe is strong and I don't waste anything.

I grew this, it's organic and I will use it all as they would back in olden days.

So I chop ( dice) it all up

Couldn't waste that. 🀩

Put it into a airtight container

You have full aloe extract.

You could use this for feet

Aloe vera eye strips for swollen under eyes

Or to just brighten the eyes up it's great

Aloe extract from the plant


face hair body take your pick how you want to use this.

I will use it as a face mask

Put them into the fridge

Let them cool

Getting all the extra cooling benefits

Plus it will last longer.

Feet hair and face.

Ain't aloe vera fantastic.

I do like to harvest my aloe vera plant it gives me lots of natural beauty treatments.

Extracting aloe vera can be fun & messy.

But it's very worthwhile for our skin

Thank you


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