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Introducing Coast to Coast Styling Collective

This new series will not only feature fashion (of course) but also lifestyle! Coast to Coast Styling Collective will be published on the first Monday of each month similar to the previous Stylish Mondays. We will offer you styling solutions around a given theme; or share lifestyle tips and tricks, holidays, etc. Please feel free to offer topic ideas you’d like to see.

You can imagine that I was thrilled with the first theme: how to style a blazer for fall! Blazers work for everyone regardless of age, size or style, plus they can be styled in so many ways – dress them up with heels and tailored trousers to create a sleek smart silhouette or pair them with jeans and sneakers for a great casual outfit.

Blazers are an especially great layering piece in the fall when the temperatures start to drop. To see previous blog posts on styling blazers, click HERE and HERE.

Here is what is currently trending for styling Blazers – Fall 2022 Edit:

Style a Blazer with a Skirt

Faux leather continues to be a major trend this year! To see a previous post on styling faux leather, click HERE. While it’s still a bit warm or if you’re in a warmer climate, pairing a skirt with a blazer is an easy option although as it gets cooler adding tights would also be an option. This tuxedo styled blazer is a nice juxtaposition with the faux leather. A more tailored, shorter blazer would also look good. While I’m wearing a mini skirt, a blazer can easily be worn with midi and maxi skirts.


Tuxedo Blazer

Tuxedo Blazer

Faux Leather Pleated Skirt

Faux Leather Skirt

Chain Booties

Chain Booties

Style a Blazer with Shorts

Living in Illinois limits me to be able to wear shorts outside of warmer months. However, I do have several pairs of faux leather shorts, add some tights and a blazer for a more fall/winter appropriate combination. I’ve had this outfit for some time. Blazers are classic timeless pieces that you’ll keep in your wardrobe and make great capsule pieces. This cream blazer with gold buttons was a great match for these cream ruffled leg shorts and cream colored cami. Playing off of the gold buttons add gold accessories including gold strappy sandals. Yes, I did wear this to work.


Cream Blazer

Cream Blazer

Ruffled Leg Shorts

Ruffled Leg Shorts (3 Colors)

Gold Stappy Sandals

Gold Strappy Sandals

Style a Blazer with Joggers

Joggers are a modern spin on the workout pants or sweat pants so they’re super comfortable and yet easily dressed up. Adding a blazer to joggers help to elevate the look. This navy blue blazer is the same one as the cream colored blazer. Yes, when you love something get it in multiple colors. Navy and cream are classic colors. I’ve added a kitten heel navy pump and a white and navy striped short sleeved top covered in clear sequins for some extra sparkle! The joggers could easily be replaced with jeans for a more casual outfit.


Navy Blue Blazer

Navy Blue Blazer

White and Blue Striped Top

Navy Blue Kitten Heels

Style a Blazer with Jeans

Graphic tees, jeans, fun embellished combat boots topped off with a pink tweed blazer is a simple but fun outfit formula! A blazer always polishes off a look and takes a look up a notch. When the queen passed away, I had to have this t-shirt although the women in the picture is a “look alike”. (I held the queen in high regard!). I think a tweed blazer can easily be styled conservatively but can also be styled in a fun, whimsical way. This is one reason fashion is fun and can be used to express who you are no matter if your conservative or whimsical! I did a previous blog post on my upcycled belt buckle. To see that blog, click HERE.


Pink Tweed Blazer

Pink Tweek Blazer

Queen Elizabeth T-Shirt

Pink Embellished Combat Boots

Beth’s Buckles

Style a Blazer with Dress Pants

Do you recognize the blazer in this outfit? It’s the same blazer I wore in look #1 with the faux leather skirt. I especially like this longer length to minimize some of my curves especially in the hip/thigh area. These plaid pants are skinny cut and without the blazer draw too much attention to my least favorite area. This PINKALICIOUS blouse was a very recent purchase on our annual fall getaway long weekend! It’s actually longer in length but I prefer the front tuck on this particular look! The draping and fun sleeves grabbed my attention. The blazer pulls this whole look together. Plus the 3/4 sleeves on the blazer allow me to show off the fun sleeves on the blouse! I was work ready.

Have you heard of the Barbie Core Trend? That’s probably a post for another time!

This is what is also called “dopamine dressing”! (The thinking behind dopamine dressing is that wearing clothes you love will boost your mood.) I was totally feeling this look!


Tuxedo Blazer

Tuxedo Blazer

Pink Blouse

Pink Blouse

Pink Blouse

Pink Plaid Pants

Pink Plaid Pants

Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps – Use Code SARAHFLINT-BAFTF for $50. off

Style a Blazer with Leggings

For a more casual look, blazers can easily be worn with leggings. I prefer to pair a longer more oversized blazer with my leggings to cover up the areas that I like the least. A reminder that if you wear something fitted on the bottom half of your body pair it with a looser fitting item on the upper half of your body. This mix media blazer was the perfect match with my leggings. I was inspired by a picture I saw to add a frayed v neck sweater over a tank top. Loafers are having a major moment but think thick soled flatforms. When I found these rhinestone embellished loafers, it was a done deal!


Mix Media Blazer

Frayed V Neck Sweater

Beige Tank Top

Rhinestone Embellished Loafers

For many years, only high-flying corporate women donned the best blazers, but now this structured jacket has become an integral part of many a fashionable woman’s wardrobe. A building block for a capsule wardrobe, it’s hard to think of an outfit that wouldn’t work with a blazer. From traditional office wear to jeans, blazers have the knack of being able to pull any outfit together, even elevating a pair of leggings into something much more stylish.

A closet essential, once you’ve learned how to style a blazer, you’ll wonder how you ever got dressed without this tailored masterpiece.

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Hopefully you’ve gotten some inspiration for styling your blazers! A friendly reminder to always have fun and wear all the things that you love, that bring you joy and happiness and you’ll always look terrific! What what your favorite blazer look? Leave us a comment! We love to hear from you!

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