How to Rock an Oversized Blazer

Lizzy Capps
by Lizzy Capps

The blazer that I'm going to be styling I actually bought in a charity shop. I'm pretty sure that an old man in the past owned this because I can imagine this being worn with a flat cap and a walking stick. When I saw it on the hanger, I thought of so many different ways to style it, and I had to have it. This style guide is an excellent example of how you could just borrow your dad's, your brother's, or your boyfriend's blazer and style it in the following ways:

Oversized Blazer Style

Look 1

This is the first outfit I'm going for, and it's giving me day-out shopping vibes. Rolling up the sleeves of a blazer genuinely gives it an entirely different look. I think that it makes the blazer look so much more relaxed and slouchy, and casual. Pairing denim with a blazer is also an absolute win. It just makes it a lot more casual. I paired this look with a simple black shoulder bag because I think that adds to the whole day out shopping vibe, and I've also got on my pointy toe ankle boots. This entire look is very cohesive and is the perfect smart-casual balance. You can wear it for so many different occasions.

Styling an oversized blazer

Look 2

I've worn this outfit many times before, but I can't get over it. It gives me boss babe, powerhouse vibes. I think that it's cool and edgy at the same time. I'm wearing it with some cycling shorts, tights and a pair of Doc Martens. Cinching in a waist when you're wearing a blazer like this is a must, particularly if the blazer has no tailoring in it falls straight. A belt adds a bit of femininity, especially against the broad shoulders with the shoulder pads. It really helps to create an hourglass look.

Style an oversized blazer

Look 3

I love having a high-neck peeking over the top of some sort of crew neck, jumper, sweatshirt, whatever it may be. I have this sweatshirt dress right here, which is a gorgeous sort of caramelly tan color, and then I've just popped the blazer on over the top. Then I'm wearing some nude boots, so it's very much a neutral-focused outfit. There is no limit to where you can wear an outfit like this, it covers all grounds - brunching, shopping, bowling, cinema but equally, you could wear it on a date, for drinks or to dinner.

Easy oversized blazer style

Look 4

We're moving on to what I would see as a slightly more casual option for a blazer. As I said, denim is such a good way to dress down a blazer, and here I've gone for my 90s style, super baggy jeans. Instead of putting the blazer on, I've just drooped it over the shoulders so you can still see my body because I feel that a baggy pair of jeans with a baggy blazer over the top will give you zero shape and won't flatter you whatsoever. Hence why I've gone for a more fitted top. I'm wearing a slinky bodysuit. I was initially going to go with a white top, but I thought that the pop of red would go so nicely with the beige of the blazer. I think that the Airforce shoes and the jeans contrast the blazer really well but not in a contradicting way. They create a cohesive look. The outfit is nice and chill but also says, "I earn my own money", "I am my own boss - don't mess with me."

Casual oversized blazer style

Look 5

This outfit is the most casual one in the lookbook. To me, it screams you're chilling at home, wearing what you would be, but you may just want to go out for a coffee or grab brunch, but you don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed, so you pop on a blazer. I wanted this look, bar the blazer, to be monotone, so I've gone for all white. I've got on white trackies, my white race top and then some sports socks and my airforce. But you could just as easily go for an all-black outfit underneath.

Office oversized blazer style

Look 6

Here we're straying into date night territory, so I've popped on some straight-cut jeans, and then I'm wearing a bodysuit and heels. It doesn't have to be a bodysuit; any type of sexy top with a blazer draped over the top creates a fabulous look.

How to wear an oversized blazer

Look 7

And finally, you can't go wrong with a little black dress. This outfit is fancy drinks, fancy dinner kind of vibe. Even without the blazer, this outfit looks so incredibly classy and put together. But the blazer adds a little bit of something extra, a bit of layering, and just makes the outfit a bit more interesting.

I love the fact that 2020 created the trend of blending loungewear and casualwear with what is usually classed as formal. Whereas in the past it might have been a bit out of place to wear a blazer, now it is not only normal but also very stylish as well. I hope that you like the looks that I’ve put together. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a new blazer. Head on over to your local charity shop (that's a thrift store to you Americans) like I did and see what you can find!

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