How to Upstyle a Thrifted Suit

I am an avid thrifter. I enjoy finding something that was no longer wanted and giving it a sassy new identity. For instance, this $13 vintage trench suit by Jones New York. It is a little dated with embroidered material, but it had great bones so I knew I could accessorize it to make it less formal but still very stylish.

I thrifted the purse for $10 and pulled the colors from it to style the suit. It's an easy trick to put an outfit together when you can't decide how to style it. The Jaclyn Smith button-down has navy trim, it was also a thrift find. It's the little details that make an outfit come to life. Adding a red belt breaks up the middle, which helps to slenderize the waist.

Adding a silk scarf has been a long tried and true way to add a little class to any outfit. It never goes out of style. Using one that pulled the colors from the purse gave the sea of blue around the top a little punch of color. This scarf was $3 and I have used it for so many things. It's an inexpensive way to change an outfit. They are lightweight and not as warm as a knit scarf so they can be worn year-round.

Pops of red are a secret weapon to glam any outfit. It distracts the eye to be drawn to the color. The Vince Camuto crocodile boots and the vintage fedora give the outfit an edge but still tones down the formality of the fabric since the bright color is now the focus. The only thing I forgot to add would be red leather gloves, like a scarf, it adds an instant glam factor.

A longer belted jacket is instantly slimming. It was the main reason I bought the suit. I knew I could use the jacket for other things, like pairing it with jeans, a dress, or slacks. This $13 purchase will create many new outfits in the future. This once dated formal suit is now ready for the office. Vintage pieces are wonderfully made and can last a lifetime when styled correctly. The key is to have bold color accessories on hand to give any outfit a punch.

You don't have to spend a lot to look like you do. I created an online diary about the art of thrifted style. People were always asking where I got my latest outfit and they were always surprised to learn it was thrifted and usually under $20. Thrifting is a great way to add quality staple pieces without breaking the bank. No longer does it have the stigma it once had. The younger generation has made it cool, so trendy in fact that I now find it hard to get vintage pieces as reasonably as I used to. The stores are always full now when I go. If you haven't thrifted before, find a Goodwill in a nice area. You might be surprised what you will find. Your next favorite outfit awaits!



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