Why You Need a Belted Camel Coat in Your Wardrobe

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

In my humble opinion, camel-coloured coats are the most versatile outerwear option. They are neutral enough to be styled with everything but, because they are a lighter colour, they also work really well in Spring. Many winter coats in dark colours just look a bit silly once the flowers start blooming and the sun starts shining.

Straight-cut coats are very beautiful but there's something especially versatile about a belted or wrap-style coat.

For one thing, they are exceptionally easy to dress up. Because a classic wool wrap coat has a slightly smarter aesthetic, it works really well with cocktail dresses, jumpsuits and tailored clothing. No more shivering on a night out because your puffer coat ruins your outfit!

I love to style my wrap coat with a little black dress, heels, and of course the ultimate accessory - a glass of wine! I also love how gold jewellery looks against camel tones.

Of course a wool coat is always perfect for a wintery outfit. I love this tonal look with the lighter beige scarf and matching beret. Any hat is great for winter because it keeps you warm but a beret adds a stylish touch too, and looks more unique - not everybody wears them. (I do love those classic bobble hats too though! I actually think they look really stylish.)

The Ted Baker midi wrap coats are perfect for when your outfit underneath leaves something to be desired. Often in winter, we just want to be warm, so I love to start with a base layer of jeans and a sleek rollneck and then make the coat the star of the outfit. (You can also layer thermals underneath if it's really chilly.)

Once the weather gets warmer, a camel trenchcoat is perfect because it protects from rainy weather but is light enough to carry around if it starts to feel too hot.

There is no Spring piece more classic than a trenchcoat, and of course the Burberry trench is on every fashionista's wishlist! However, I have owned a Burberry trenchcoat myself (see above) and I would say you are really paying for the name. You can get good-quality alternatives at retailers like Tommy Hilfiger for a much lower price - I have owned a Tommy Hilfiger trench and a Burberry trench and I would say the Tommy Hilfiger one served me better.

Finally I wanted to mention capes, because they are just so chic! I would definitely recommend purchasing a cape in a neutral colour, as the silhouette already makes a style statement so it's best to keep the tones more low-key. And hopefully I've convinced you by now what a versatile colour camel is!

Many capes are quite shapeless so if you want to show off your figure more, you can always add a belt. I always feel like adding the skinny tan Loewe belt elevates any look. I'm an hourglass figure so a classic cape style doesn't really suit me, but belting it is an easy, affordable solution.

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