How to Make Panties (and Your Own Panties Pattern)

2 Materials
30 Minutes

You can never have enough panties, especially cute ones. The thing is when you go to buy them, you either can’t find the ones that look and feel just right, or you do find them but they’re poorly made and end up lasting way too short.

No more! Because now, you’ll be the one who makes them, so they’ll be perfect in every way!

They’re easy and quick to sew as well, here’s how you do it.

Make the pattern

Set a pair of your favorite panties onto a folded piece of paper so the bottom of the panties sits at the fold. Draw around the panties with a pen.

Mark the gusset’s beginning and its end.

Cut out the drawing through both layers.

Make the panties

Cut the fabric with the help of your pattern and transfer the markings onto the fabric.

Now either cut off everything but the gusset section on the pattern or use the entire pattern but trace only the gusset bit onto cotton fabric. Cut out the gusset.

If your main fabric is transparent, serge or zig-zag the edges of the gusset.

Sew the gusset in its designated position with a zig-zag stitch.

Finish the panties

Stitch the elastic to the curved edges of the panties with their right sides facing each other. Be careful not to make it too tight or too loose.

Sew the sides with a straight stitch first, then topstitch them.

Stitch elastic ends so you get a circle. Mark the quarters of that circle. Mark the center of the long straight edges of the panties. Align the marks on the fabric and the elastic, and stitch the two with their right sides facing each other. Use a quarter-inch allowance.

Flip all three elastics to the right side of the panties and topstitch them.

Your new panties are ready! If you want a bit of additional cuteness, you can add a small bow tie to it on the front, just below the top edge. Try out different fabrics like lace or satin to get especially luxurious panties that no one can buy. Enjoy wearing your comfortable and beautiful new panties!

Suggested materials:
  • Cotton lycra
  • Lingerie elastic

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  • Angelina Angelina on Aug 05, 2022

    Love this!! I have a ton of t shirt material, lace scraps, etc that would make great panties! Just couldn't figure out a simple way to do it. Thanks, doll!!!