Fall Capsule Wardrobe

There are many fashion trends hitting it hard this season. I'm 100% sure that Fall is 90% everyone's favorite season to dress for. It's cozy and cool, which makes it the perfect opportunity to show off all the items we packed away in the back of our closets.

I pride myself on diving into my closet before buying new pieces and this year is no exception! I took what was trending (90's bootcut denim, oversized, and cozy) and went shopping within my own closet to create 3 perfect capsule looks for you.

Laying pieces are the ultimate go-to for me. I live in a climate that tends to have a mind of its own, so laying items is a must. In the AM it's 50, then by noon, it's 90 degrees, and in Summer again.

Grab the flannels, corduroy button-ups, and things you can take off and wrap around the waist.

Matching Sets are all the rage right now. This could be any type of clothing. It can be a hoodie set, but satin is also very much in right now!

I have had this set for a few months now, not really sure how I was going to style it. I scoured Pinterest and saw people revamping their sets as dress-wear. I am hooked! Add a pair of heels, and make it a business casual look.

Cozy Casual will always be my errand, around-the-house style. NOW the weather allows me to wear it longer than a few hours! These sherpa pullovers are all the rage, and it mimics a matching set (even though it's not!).

What capsule items are you re-wearing this season?

Let me know other items you continuously pull for when it comes to cooler weather!

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