Don't Give up on the Basics!

_cabi addicts_
by _cabi addicts_

Summer welcomes in bright colors and fun patterns... we wait for it all year in some states (Midwest girl here)! But, there is something about the basic black and white that just can't be abandoned, nor should it be, when the heat hits... here are a few looks to consider when you want that basic black or white look in the Summertime heat.

Show off your shoulders with a great halter style top with black crops and gold accents... you are showing enough skin to still feel light for summer, but with the chic vibe that all black tends to give off. A black tank or tiered, shoulder tie top would be just as cute!

When your white pieces are calling your name- put them together. The white on white look doesn't even have to be the same whites. I have found mixing different shades of white gives me the ultimate summer I could roll right into Marthas Vineyard like I own the place ;)

These 2 pieces are both from Cabi clothing, but different seasons. The whites are almost identical and, the bonus- the tee is not see through, and the super cute hemline shows off your favorite summer wedges!

Another way to make a black ensemble light is to add some neutral accessories... in this case a light leopard belt with some flesh colored Madewell flats. It allows the monochromatic benefits of all black to feel a little more "daytime" when paired with lighter shoes or belt!

We love the Cabi Spring '21 Dual belt which is the perfect creamy white... again, mixing whites is so modern and this belt design has a slightly retro feel with a color that will work all year round. Definitely a work horse piece, and perfect with other shades of white. You just can't go wrong with a basic white look and a great belt!

So, keep your bright colors nearby but, when the comfort of all black or white calls to you, don't hesitate to go back to basics for a day or night. Be sure to check out more style ideas from us on IG @cabi.addicts

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