Simple and Stylish: Asymmetrical Crop Top

Elegra Margiela
by Elegra Margiela
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I got this dress not too long ago from a second-hand shop and absolutely fell in love with the color. I desperately wanted this dress to fit, but I am a tall girl and this dress is just a little too short for comfort. So, instead of forgetting it in the back of my closet, I decided to make an asymmetrical crop top from it.

Tools and materials:

  • Dress
  • Pencil
  • Pattern paper
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
Sew an asymmetrical crop top

Make an asymmetrical crop top

Cut out your fabric 

The first step is to make your pattern. I free-handed mine and you can do the same. Once that’s done. Take some scissors and cut off the skirt part of the dress. Lay the dress flat with your pattern over it, pin it in place and cut out your shirt. (I cut the back of my dress open and laid it flat before cutting it out, but in hindsight that was a mistake so you don’t have to follow that example). 

How to sew an asymmetrical crop top

Connect the top 

Next, I sewed the remaining pieces of the skirt back together and cut out a second piece. This step can be avoided by leaving the skirt as is and cutting out two pieces at once. Once you have both pieces, place them together, right side touching, and pin. Sew down the side seams using a zigzag stitch. 

How to make an asymmetrical crop top

Finish the top 

For the armholes, fold over the raw edges (so wrong sides are touching), pin it in place, and sew a zigzag stitch. This will hide the raw edges. Finally, connect the shoulder pieces using a zigzag or straight stitch and hem the bottom using a zigzag stitch. 

Basic asymmetrical crop top

It was a little difficult to find a matching thread, but overall, this basic asymmetrical top was easy to make. Remember not to separate the skirt like I did and enjoy dressing up this little top in any way you can! 

Suggested materials:
  • Dress
  • Pencil
  • Pattern paper
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