Super Easy Twisty Pinback Hair Tutorial

Mandy Sims
by Mandy Sims
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Hi everyone! A little while ago, I recorded a video on Instagram and a lot of you asked what my hairstyle was.

It’s basically just a French braid, but with two pieces instead of the usual three.

So, if you’d like to follow this cute twisty pinback hair tutorial, keep reading!

Tools and materials:

  • Bobby pins
  • Cute hair clip
Frenching braiding

1. Two-piece French braid

Part your hair slightly over to one side. From here, take two small pieces of hair.

Simply twist one piece over the other, and grab another small section of hair as you work your way down. 

Frenching braiding

Repeat until you have created a cute twist like this.

Cute hair clip

2. Pin and accessorize 

Then, loosen the twist up slightly and secure it with a bobby pin.

Add a fun hair clip for some extra sparkle, and there you go! Your twisty pinback hairstyle is complete.

Twisty pinback hairstyle

Twisty pinback hair tutorial

This twisted hairstyle looks a lot harder than it really is. You can do it on just one side of your hair or both, depending on how you’re feeling.

I hope you enjoyed this twisty pinback hair tutorial. If you did, leave me a comment down below and follow my other pages:

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Suggested materials:
  • Bobby pins
  • Cute hair clip

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  • Del49991836 Del49991836 on Jan 28, 2023

    Nice! Always enjoy trying new and different ideas of what to do with my long hair. This is truly unique and different. Easy peasy to do as well as it looks too cute and fresh. I even got a couple of notices and compliments today! Much Gratitude for sharing. Keep on plaiting! 👍️