How to Style a Button Up Shirt

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford
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This year button up shirts have been trending because there are so many different ways to style them! They work great as a light layer over other pieces, but are also great on their own. I'm going to share three different ways that I have styled a button up recently.

This first example is a classic white shirt. This is the most common and easiest colour to match with anything in your closet. I like to buy my shirts a size or two up for an oversized fit so that I can play around with styling and layering them. This outfit is very simple. I wore black pants with a white knit crop top and added the button up overtop to add texture and tie the entire look together. I finished the look off with a small crossbody bag and a light coloured claw clip in my hair.

This example is similar to the last, except this time I played with some colour. I was wearing a light lemon coloured dress underneath on an evening where it was a little cooler than usual out, so I added a matching lemon yellow button up overtop. Since the shirt was oversized, I played around with the styling and wore it off the shoulder for most of the evening. You could also play around with patterned shirts that have a colour that matches with your other pieces for a more playful twist on this style.

This last example is one of my favourite unique ways to style a button up, or in this case, two! This technique requires no sewing and leaves you with two perfectly intact shirts afterwards! I combined two silky satin button up tops into one by first buttoning them together on a flat surface. To do this, lay each shirt out completely opened up and button one to the other where they meet in the center. This would require both of your shirts to have buttons on the same side as each other (ex. both on the left which is standard for women's shirts). Next, put the double shirt on your arms through the sleeves that are the furtherest from the center that you just created. Button up the front as you normally would. Now, you need to get creative and use the second arms from each shirt to tie a belt while cinching the excess fabric around your waist. You can play around and make this style your own by experimenting with different ways to use the extra arms and excess fabric. Let me know in the comments if you would like a more detailed post on this method!

These tips can be used to style pieces you already own or you can shop the products I've used using the links below. 

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Melissa Radford
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