How To Wear A Graphic T-shirt More Stylishly For Summer

Kastle W
by Kastle W

Summer is upon us, and one staple of my summer wardrobe is a graphic t-shirt. From souvenirs of concerts I’ve attended to retro imagery, graphic t-shirts allow me to express myself. The light cotton and colorful colors make them a cool, easy-to-wear separate that you can dress up or down.

In preparation for summer, I decided to style one of my graphic t-shirts in a few different ways to show you some options. First, you need a graphic t-shirt. Here are a few places to get one you like:

Graphic t-shirt with retro music vibes

Graphic t-shirt with pop culture logos

Graphic t-shirts with sports sayings

Graphic t-shirts that donate to good causes

I picked my retro Wonder Woman tee, a very light, soft cotton tee in a slim-fit women’s cut. I added lots of fun accessories to give it different looks. Here’s how to wear a graphic t-shirt more stylishly for summer.

Graphic T-Shirt with Shorts and Boho Accessories

Take one graphic t-shirt with a logo or saying that expresses your personality and add shorts and summer shoes, such as sandals. This is a pretty simple combo, but I like to put a stylish spin on even the most basic outfit. I added vintage leather accessories, including a tooled leather belt and purse, to give this look more of a boho feel. My leather slip-on sandals matched perfectly, bringing the look together. I topped off the look with a couple of layered necklaces.

Graphic T-Shirt with a Sundress and Colorful Accessories

Sometimes you want a little more coverage than a skinny-strap sundress can provide. A cotton t-shirt is cool enough to layer underneath. Plus, it gives a little extra sun protection on your chest and shoulders. Just make sure the cut is slim fit and not boxy, so you don’t look too stuffed under your dress. If the graphic design is big enough, you can see it peek out underneath the dress to give the outfit some more color and character. I also matched my accessories on this outfit with a bright red beaded statement necklace, purse and some little kicks sneakers.

Graphic T-Shirt with a Skirt and Bold Accessories

A graphic t-shirt with a skirt dresses it up a bit, and it’s casual enough to go from daytime wear to an evening out. I paired it with a bright A-line midi skirt and, again, some fun matching accessories – a summery white basket purse and kitten-heeled sandals. Then I added some bold hardware - a rocker-style white belt and a second silver loop belt with a silver statement necklace. I think the combo gives this a strong yet feminine look.

So now that you have some ideas on how to wear a graphic t-shirt a little more stylishly for summer, which one will you try?

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