Making Your Bra Fit Your Shirt

I know it feels like every top needs it's own special bra, but that's not true. Some bras are easy to move or adjust to fit different necklines. This bra is lightly padded and has no wire so it's PERFECT for moving around. Look at how I style it with different Tops

This is what the bra looks like normally

If you move both of the straps off your shoulders and slide them down over your arms it'll look great with an off the shoulder top

Ta-Da! You can't see my straps and I am fully supported

For this next look slide one of the straps back on top of your shoulder and slide the other strap completely down

Here's a good back view

That's how to hide your bra for a one shoulder top. The strap that you took off is hidden and the other strap is offering support and also hidden.

This is a simple and clean look. My favorite part of this use is that other strapless bras can slide down but since this one has the bra band AND the straps hugging your body the extra support keeps the bra from sliding.

Once again here's a link to that bra

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