Style a White Button-Down for Online Meetings

This year has been a challenge! Giedre is here to help in the fashion department. For the first time, work meetings are an at-home event, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to look professional. In this tutorial, Giedre will show you 11 ways to style a white button-down shirt.

Styling a button-down shirt


This first step is all about accessories. Giedre adds gold hoop earrings, a chain necklace, and a ring to her white shirt. This creates a gorgeous minimalist, modern look. 

Add a blazer


The next style is very classic. Giedre starts putting this look together by wearing her watch. She knows that any classic look is not complete without a watch. She also adds a beautiful pair of simple, pearl earrings and a blazer. This is a great look for any formal meeting. 

Make a tie out of a scarf

Relaxed classic 

Giedre’s next look is still classic but rather than wear a blazer, she ties a scarf like a necktie. 

How to style a button-down shirt


Next, Giedre creates a feminine look by adding lace cuffs under her sleeves. Accessorizing with a necklace is a great way to add more to this feminine style. 

Button-down shirt style


In Giedre’s statement outfit she layers her white button-down over a black top. Adding a bold necklace is the perfect way to draw the eye and a pair of glasses is a great finish to a statement outfit. 

Easy button-down shirt style


A warm scarf is the best way to create a cozy look. Giedre wears her scarf over her white shirt. She adds a gold ring to give a little more interest to the look. Adding this pair of glasses gives this look a little bit of grandma-chic. 

Add a collar


This addition to the white button-down is splendid and sparkly! Giedre adds a black, bejeweled detachable collar to create this fun style. 

Create a girly look


For this style, Giedre simply adds a cute headband to her outfit to create a gorgeous, girly look. 

White button-down shirt style


Next, Giedre layers her white button-down over a white silk camisole. She adds fun earrings and a headband to create this more “relaxed” meeting look. 

Layer with a blouse


In this look, Giedre gets a little creative and takes a short sleeve blouse and layers it over her white shirt. This is a great way to maximize your pieces and make them versatile! Adding gold, hoop earrings is a great way to accessorize! 

Basic button-down shirt style


To create a warm look, Giedre layers a sweater vest over her white shirt. To elevate the look, she adds a pair of gorgeous earrings and a simple gold bracelet.

Which look do you like best? Leave your answer in the comments down below! 

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