14 Looks With 1 White Shirt

Wondering how to wear a smart white shirt in new ways? Here are 14 white button-down outfit ideas for women that you can get inspiration from. With so many different options, see which one you like the best!

Styling a button-down shirt

Look 1

Let’s get started with a simple and stylish look. Black leggings are easy to wear with black and white items. Add a pair of crew socks, black leather heels, and a large scarf to the equation. 

How to style a button-down shirt

Look 2

The best shirts or blazers to wear with leggings are long ones. They cover your behind and make your outfit more elegant. Wear the white shirt with wide-leg black pants and an oversized blazer for an effortless feel. Slouchy silhouettes give you an easy vibe that is edgy and dressed up at the same time.

Easy button-down shirt style

Look 3

Add a pair of colorful socks, then wear mom jeans with a leather belt to make your outfit instantly sleeker. Put on a check blazer for elevated basics with a preppy vibe. Combine funny socks with classic monk shoes to keep things interesting.

Button-down shirt style

Look 4

Anything looks good with a white shirt. Wear socks with heels to make your look pop and add details to the trench coat outfit. Spice up your ensemble with a leopard scarf, or go with a black scarf to look simple and low-key.

Basic button-down shirt style

Look 5

Try wearing a white shirt, then drape a black turtleneck sweater over your shoulders to make it look cute. Remember to tuck in part of the bottom to get an interesting layered look.

White button-down shirt style

Look 6

Transform a classic white shirt by layering up a black turtleneck sweater. An orange inner puffer punches the outfit up just enough to add personality.

White shirt lookbook

Look 7

Wear a white shirt with black trousers. Have the collars peek out from the sweater and show part of the bottom to create a chic, sophisticated look. Throw on a black single-breasted coat to make this outfit look polished.

White shirt fashion

Look 8

A white shirt with blue jeans is an essential classic look. You can add a little dimension and color to the look with a bright sweater.

White shirt inspiration

Look 9

For casual days, you could wear your sweater over a classic white shirt, then finish it off with white sneakers and a teddy bear coat—the perfect mix of comfortable and smart.

How to wear a white shirt

Look 10

Layer a beige turtleneck under a button-down shirt and tuck it in to create a fitted look. Style up with some monk shoes and ripped mom jeans to make you look casual and relaxed. Go sleek with a taupe puffer.

Versatile white shirt

Look 11

Switch up a black turtleneck under a white shirt. The high-waisted pants add to this gorgeous, old-school look. Add a little pop with a red plaid scarf. Turn the look into the priestly chic of the season with a long black coat.

White shirt outfit ideas

How to wear a button-down shirt

Look 12

Transform the white shirt outfit with blue skinny jeans and a gray blazer. Tuck in part of the bottom of the shirt and build a layering outfit like a pro.

Button-down shirt fashion

Look 13

Try wearing bold fishnets under a black pencil skirt for a playful, avant-garde vibe. Pair with Mary Jane shoes to up the girliness. Simply layer this go-to look with an oversized trench coat.

White shirt style guide

Look 14

Edge up the combo with large fishnets under ripped jeans and combat boots to dive into this punk-rock-inspired outfit. Add a basic black coat on top to give the outfit a cool-girl vibe!

That’s fourteen different looks that you can create with one white shirt. Never underestimate how versatile your clothes are! If you find yourself wearing certain pieces the same way over and over again, start switching things up and experimenting with different looks.

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