Stylish Sleeves to Cover Upper Arms

Even though I believe that as older women, we don’t HAVE to cover the parts of our bodies that have changed over the years, I do like to share stylish ideas for those women that feel more comfortable covered.

6 Options of Sleeves to Cover Upper Arms

1- Wear with overalls

2- Worn under a spaghetti strap top

3- Styled over a tank top

4- Added under a cami

5- Wear under a sleeveless blouse

6- Check out the last idea on my blog

What is a Halftee & My History

I’ve been loving these Halftees ever since we moved out to Arizona 3 years ago. The idea that you can have a layering tee that doesn’t add bulk or extra material to your midsection is brilliant.

Basically, they are cropped top that has a special band that sits right under the girls. Sure, you could cut off a top to make your own if you like to DIY, but you might also try to incorporate elastic or a banding strategically placed so the shorter shirt doesn’t move.

Insider tip: ALL halftees can be worn forward and backward to give you options of how low you want the neckline to be. In fact, they place the label on the side seam so it’s not an issue.

Overalls: Old Navy~~ Vest: Gordmans~~ Top: Waterfall Halftee~~ Boots: Mix No 6-DSW ~~ Hat: no label

1-Overalls Style

I’m seeing overalls on many women, so I wore my waterfall halftee with them. Since the tops are fitted, it’s a perfect match with the overalls. I even layered a vest over it to hide the midriff showing.

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I also added a brooch to the front pocket of the overalls, because why not?

Dress: Arden B-preloved ~~ Top: Waterfall Halftee~~ Boots: from Amazon~~ Earrings: Mariposa Skies ~~ Purse: thrifted

2-Under a Spaghetti Strap Dress

If you aren’t comfortable with spaghetti straps and are looking for sleeves to cover your upper arms, then this waterfall halftee is perfection. The black version would have worked with this floral dress too. However, I thought the two different florals were a fun print mix.

Since there is some yellow in the waterfall halftee, I added more yellow with my booties, earrings, and purse.

Shorts: Joe Fresh-thrifted ~~ Top: Waterfall Halftee~~Top: Express~~ Boots: Jambu c/o ~~ Necklace thrifted

3-Over a Tank Top

Even though these sleeves to cover your upper arms are marketed to wear under other items, I wanted to see how they would work layered over something else. I chose this olive green tank which can be seen paired with my mustard jeans in the past. You can see how low-cut it is and sleeveless without the halftee over top.

Of course, you could still layer the halftee under this tank top, but it’s fun to try other options.

In fact, it might not be a bad idea to layer the halftee over your slip dresses. It is no different than how we have talked about layering any kind of top or sweater over a dress to make the dress look like a skirt.

Insider tip: One way to make your clothing more versatile is to remember about layering both OVER and UNDER it. It’s one of my secrets of shopping your closet which I’ve discussed in the past.

Skirt: BGBGeneration-Steinmart~~ Cami: Peach ~~ Top: Puff Sleeve Halftee~~ Shoes: Aldos ~~ Necklace: Katia’s Designs

4-Under a Cami

Most camisoles that we own, we think of like the piece we layer over. Yet, when they are pretty, why not have them be the star of the show? That’s where a halftee can come to the rescue if you want to have sleeves that cover your upper arms.

This pink camisole is velvet which gives off a beautiful shine. I’ve worn it under things before, but this is the first time to layer it over a top.

Skirt: Old Navy-thrifted~~ Striped Top: Velvet Heart-thrifted~~ Top: Puff Sleeve Halftee

5-With a Sleeveless Blouse

Sleeveless is wonderful to stay cool in the summer if you aren’t out in the sun. But if you are out in the sun, it’s even better to not have the sunshine beating down on your skin. Plus, if you’ve covered your shoulders and upper arms, then you don’t have to worry about sunburn in those places.

Insider tip: This is an easy way to turn your sleeveless blouse into a short sleeve blouse.

6- Check out another way to style this.

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