Terrifically Twisted: Try This Twist on Your Button Up

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford
2 Minutes

There are many ways to wear a button up shirt, but I think this one puts a nice twist on the style. For this tutorial you will need an oversized button up shirt, the bigger and boxier the better.

Start with your shirt completely unbuttoned. You'll want a full length shirt for this technique.

Next, button the top half of the shirt to the button just above your waistline. Feel free to leave a portion from the neck open as well to suit your desired look. In this example, I left the button at the neckline open.

Take the front tails of your shirt and cross them over each other to the opposite side that they started on.

Cross them over each other in the same rotational direction once more. This means that you should have completed two twists and that the tails of the shirt should end up back to the side that they originally started at. Adjust the twist by pulling on the fabric above. Customize this portion before continuing on to the tucking steps.

Take one of the tails and tuck it into your waistband. Do the same thing on the opposite side as well.

Once the front is tucked in to your liking, don't forget about the back! Make sure to tuck in the back of your shirt. I like to fold my shirt under once before tucking to prevent the fabric from bunching up and looking messy.

Here is the final result! This twisting trick is sure to add a nice shape to an otherwise boxy shirt. If your shirt has extra room, add in a third rotation for a larger twist detail, but I don't recommend going beyond three twists.

If you're curious about what I'm wearing in this tutorial, here are links to the button up shirt, the white cropped tank I wore underneath, and the denim.

These tips can be used to style pieces you already own or you can shop similar products to what I've used using the links in the text. Let me know if you try this tutorial or have suggestions for something else that I should try next! Make sure to follow me on instagram  @melissaradford and on TikTok  @melissaradford for more styling tips, beauty hacks, and wearable fashion!

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