Wear Your Button Down Backwards!!

Hello fashion lovers! Here is another golden post that will help you play with the clothes you already have. Remember if you begin to clear the clutter and cut down your closet you will need to know many ways to wear each piece of clothing. For this hack all you need is a button down blouse and you are good to go!

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Step one:

Turn your shirt around and put your arm through ONE sleeve

Step two:

With your arm in one sleeve twist the shirt so that there is a turn in the fabric

Step three:

Button the very top button of the blouse. The top button should be on the back side of your neck

(it should look like this)

Step four:

Tuck in the shirt in to your pants in the front. The twist in the blouse comes from step two where you twisted it

WOW! Final look is lovely!

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  • Fay Schwellenbach Fay Schwellenbach on Feb 12, 2023

    of course I’ll try it (I’m older than most of your posts) will I go to the grocery store or the bank in open back? No, but I will take an old blouse and see how it goes. Easily entertained I guess.

  • Terri Terri on Feb 18, 2023

    It would look nice under a suit jacket.