How to Minimize Your Baby Bump

by Alliwears

Nine times out of ten I'm going to want to style my clothing to accentuate my baby bump, but for that one other time here are some ways to minimize your growing belly.

Maybe you haven't shared your (wonderful!) news with family, friends, or work yet. Or maybe you haven't fully popped and are in the thick of that awkward-in-between-stage where it's not obvious that you are expecting a baby. Here are a few looks and tips to keep them guessing.

Dark bottoms and an oversized sweatshirt.

Dark is always the way to go when wishing to hide, conceal or minimize -- whether that is just some extra weight or a result of your body growing a baby. Black pants are my best friend during pregnancy and I find a thicker denim, while of course hotter and less comfortable than a stretchy material or leggings, make the illusion of an even trimmer leg. Pair your dark bottoms with an oversized sweatshirt, as seen here and voila, I think it's very difficult to tell that I am pregnant.

Here is another example of an oversized sweatshirt doing the job to conceal my baby bump. Although, if you're looking to not break the news yet I would recommend avoiding graphics like "MAMA." ;)



Not going somewhere sweatshirt friendly? Find a long flowy blouse and pair with matching color bottoms. A monochromatic look is also very minimizing, whether expecting or not. When searching for the right blouse find something long that covers your bottom and sides. Also look for wide, so it drapes and folds off of your body in a mysterious fashion. Bonus points for wide bell sleeves.

Otherwise, please flaunt your bellies girls, it's a beautiful time for your body!

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  • Maggie Maggie on Aug 10, 2022

    This is an example of "every old fashion comes around again"! The maternity tops of the 50s were especially full and flowing, very comfortable.