Maternity Clothing Options Shouldn't Be Limited!

For all my mamas out there, have you noticed that when shopping at the maternity section at store, the options are very limited? Maybe it is just my experience but I find it is difficult to find a large variety of options. Due to this, I tend to seek out everyday sized clothing but options that will allow better movement for my growing belly. This usually includes looser fits and elastic waist bands. Also, often times when I do find items that work in everyday sizes I am able to wear them post-partum due to the versatility of the piece. Here is an example of an outfit I put together that is comprised of everyday sizes and works great for my growing belly!

The first item I found on a recently shopping trip was a pair of light weight linen pants ( similar pair linked here) and these were a perfect option because of the elastic waist band that is very stretchy. I love that these have a combination of style and comfort.

Next, I paired the linen pants with a white flowy short-sleeve shirt i've had for a couple years and decided to tuck it in. A bodysuit sized up would also work great because they tend to be made for very stretchy material and you would be able to wear it post-partum also!

Lastly, I dug out a cute pair of wedges from my closet and also added a fanny-pack worn around my chest for a more casual look. This outfit would be great for walking around the beach, a warmer vacation outfit possibly for at night or even brunch with your besties!

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