3 Winter Mom Get Ups

Sarah East
by Sarah East

Check out of my favorite February winter casual everyday get ups for busy moms. It’s all in the accessories and the layers here people! I’m excited that in just one month we will be dressing for spring! Check out the hyperlinks so you can recreate these looks for yourself. Which one is your favorite?

Sneak peak at the goods 😉❤️

Outfit number one

in this get up I am wearing a sweater that I snagged for less than 5 bucks at a second hand shop. Like new condition! I love the color and I love that the back opens. Pairing this with my super high waste button fly jeans. I love these Jean so much! They are so flattering and comfortable. I wish all my pants fit me like these. These pants and the shoes I am sporting are from oldnavy. That Harry Potter necklace has become a staple in my wardrobe and I got it for twenty five cents at a garage sale. The cost per wear is insane. Check out these links to recreate this look!





Outfit number two

lots of second hand happening in this outfit as well. Second hand sweater, vest, scarf, and Harry Potter necklace making another appearance. My faux leather leggings are from oldnavy. I love them. Could literally live in them forever. Sooooo comfortable and flattering! The white Chelsea doc marten boots are like the cherry on top. They are super comfortable too. Hit up these hyperlinks and I’ll get you hooked up with a similar outfit.





Last but never least outfit number three!

this one might be my favorite of all time. This graphic tee that I snagged from target had me literally gasp out loud. I love schitts creek! This is a rose apothecary tee. I love it! I also love how the colors in it pull from the colors in this dope blazer. I scored this blazer from target a couple seasons ago. It was another piece that had me gasping for air. My belt and headband are also from target! Oldnavy denim as per usual. Salmon pink classic vans. And a second hand statement necklace. I love layers and accessories. They literally take every outfit from drab to fab! Hit up these links to throw together a similar outfit





and that wraps up a few of my favorite February get up. Stay tuned to see what I’m wearing and sharing next. 😉✌️

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