Easy Hack to Upgrade Your Ponytail

2 Materials
5 Minutes

Try this easy hack to upgrade your everyday hairstyle. I’m sure you’ll get compliments on this stylish, elevated ponytail!

Tools and materials:

  • Hair tie
  • Clear hair elastic
Separating hair

1. Separate bottom sections on each side

Start off with a middle part. Then separate a bottom, front section of hair from each side.

2. Make a high ponytail

Leave the face framing sections of hair out, as well as the 2 sections you pulled in step 1.

Collect the rest of the hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. 

Tying high ponytail

3. Combine the sections of hair from step 1

Grab the 2 sections of hair from step 1 and pull them upward. 

Combining sections

Then combine them with a clear hair elastic, leaving a gap between the elastic and the top of your head.


Twisting hair

4. Twist to make a small opening and pull the ponytail through it

Put your fingers through the gap and twist the hair. 

Twisting hair

The result will be a smaller opening. 

Pulling ponytail through

Pull your ponytail through it. 

Pulling ponytail through

Here’s the final look: 

Elevated ponytail

Elevated ponytail 

Are you running to the mirror to try this out yet? 

Elevated ponytail

Check out this before and after for comparison: 

Elevated ponytail

All you need is to make a few simple changes to your regular ponytail to create this elevated ponytail. It gives off an effortless and put together vibe.

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair tie
  • Clear hair elastic

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