Easy Vintage Headscarf Hairstyle Tutorial

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Today, we’re doing a retro hairstyle tutorial. Everyone needs a really simple hairstyle, so I’m going to show you guys how I did one of these headscarf hairstyles. This style is going to be easiest to do on hair that isn’t freshly washed. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Hair oil
  • Teasing brush 
  • Hair tie
  • Pomade
  • Hairspray
  • Bobby pins
  • Shine spray 
  • Bandana
Applying oil

1. Apply hair oil to the ends of your hair 

The longer I go without washing my hair, the drier and crazier the ends of my hair get.

I like to start by taking a little bit of argan oil or Moroccan oil and simply running it through the ends of my hair. 

You don’t want to touch the scalp because that’s where all the oils are getting released. It tames those ends completely down.

Tying hair into ponytail

2. Put your hair into a ponytail

Take your favorite hairbrush and brush your hair into a ponytail. Do this as a high ponytail—not like a fountain off the top of your head, but behind it. Make sure the hair looks nice and smooth at this point.

Taming baby hairs

3. Tame baby hairs with hair pomade and hairspray

Grab some pomade and rub it between your hands to warm it up.

Then just run it along the hairline to help tame down any of those baby hairs.

Adding hairspray

The other thing I do for those pesky little hairs is to use a little bit of hairspray lightly across the top.

Teasing the ponytail

4. Tease the ponytail

Before the hairspray has a chance to dry, take a teasing brush and tease your ponytail.

To get a really good tease, take a small amount of hair and tease down the entire strand. We’re looking for volume, not for height, so take your brush almost to the ends and just drag it straight down.

Make sure you’re not seesawing across your hair because that will damage the hair. That’s why it’s better done on hair that’s not freshly washed because freshly washed hair is so silky smooth, it won’t tease up as quickly and easily.

If your hair is freshly washed, you can still do it with a texturizing spray or even dry shampoo so it’s not as smooth.

Teasing hair

What you want to do is tease all of the hair except for this little bit on the back. I typically don’t separate it—I just kind of know once I get to a certain point.

Adding hairspray

5. Spray more hairspray 

Take a little bit of hairspray and give your ponytail a spritz. This time, wait for it to dry.

Smoothing hair

6. Smooth out the hair

The great thing about teasing brushes is the smoothing. You want the outside of the hair to look really nice and smooth, so nobody knows the craziness within the hair.

You don’t necessarily need a teasing brush. You can use any brush with softer bristles that will go over the top.

Start on the backside of the hair and start smoothing it out. I like to fan it out to get the right shape and to make sure I’m covering all of the angles. 

Smoothing hair

It should be smooth on the outside but still teased on the inside.

Pinning hair

7. Pin the ends to your head

Lump the ponytail together and then roll the ends around your finger and bring them to rest on the head.

Pin right where your fingers are. Do one on each side and cross the bobby pins to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere.

Spreading hair

8. Spread the hair

Spread out the hair around your head.

Smoothing hair

9. Smooth any teasing

If you start to see some of the teased hair, take your brush and brush along the outside of it to smooth it down.

Smoothing hair

Hairspray your hair again, and while it’s still wet, smooth it down.

Adding shine spray

10. Spray a shine spray 

Spray a shine spray on your hair. 

Adding bobby pins to pouf

11. Bobby pin around the pouf

Give your head a shake and use bobby pins to anchor down the hair anywhere it feels loose.

Adding the bandana

12. Place the bandana

Place the bandana (or vintage headscarf) around the base of our head so it’s nice and snug and pull it right up along the top.

I like mine to be a little off-center and I want it to sit right in front of the pouf. 

Adding the bandana

I just tie it one time and then make sure it looks good in the back.

Securing the bandana

13. Secure the bandana

Place a bobby pin on the side of the bandana to keep it from falling.

If you’re really worried about it slipping, you can cross two bobby pins to keep it nice and sturdy. Once it’s secure, just tie it one more time.

Completed headscarf hairstyle

Headscarf hairstyle

We’ve achieved pouf perfection!

Let me know in the comment section what you guys think about this vintage hairstyle, as well as what your favorite lazy day hairstyle is!

Suggested materials:
  • Hair oil
  • Hair oil
  • Hair oil
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