How I Do A Half Top Knot Hairstyle With Short Hair

by Withatouchofluxe
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Messy buns are a girl’s best friend; an effortlessly chic style for dirty hair, lazy days, or when you just need to get your hair out of your face. But since my hair is in a bob, the traditional messy bun is no longer an option so I have learned how to do a half top knot hairstyle with my short hair.

I love having short hair! It’s easy to wash, blow dry, and style. And since there are only a few ways to actually style my hair, getting ready in the morning is pretty simple. Recently, I have been wearing my hair straight, or softly curled, with a center part. But when it’s not in one of those two styles, you can bet I have my hair pulled back in a half top knot. I wear it this way when I want to get my hair up and out of my face but still look cute and stylish. And with summer just around the corner, it is a great hairstyle to help keep you cool. All you need is a hair elastic and a few trusty bobby pins so follow along and learn how I do a half top knot hairstyle with short hair.

What You’ll Need
I like to use these no-damage elastic hair ties and curved bobby pins.

Step 1 – Start with Dry Hair

First, you want your hair to be dry so you can texturize and add volume to this hairstyle as you go. I started with straight hair but a half top knot works wonderfully with beachy waves too. Feel free to spray your hair with a texturizing spray or dry shampoo at this step for added grit and texture.

Step 2 – Make A Half Ponytail

Pull the front section of your hair back to make a half ponytail and secure with the hair elastic. Make sure the elastic is at the top of your head because this is where your top knot will be. Try to keep the parts on the sides and back of your head straight.

Step 3 – Divide and Twist

Take the half ponytail and divide it in half. Wrap the two sections of hair around each other, starting from the base of the ponytail to the hair ends. Your hair should be in a tightly twisted two coil rope.

Step 4 – Make a Bun

Begin to wrap the twisted half ponytail around the hair elastic. You should be able to wrap it 2-3 times. Secure the loose ends with bobby pins.

Step 5 – Get Messy

This next step is when you get to add volume and texture to this look. Gently pull at the front of your hair to loosen the base of the half pony tail. Use a brush to back comb the hair around the top knot to add volume. If you need to, pull on sections or pieces of the knot to loosen and adjust it. If you have a few hair pieces that aren’t cooperating, use extra bobby pins to hold them in place. Finish with hairspray to tame the fly away hairs.

Voila!! A simple and chic take on the messy bun for short hair.
And it looks so cute with this scarf scrunchie. Click here to learn how to make this fun hair accessory!

A half top knot is a fun and versatile way to style short hair. Sleek or messy, curly or straight, plain or accessorized, this hairstyle is great for errands, dates, the gym, and everything in between!!

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