How to Spice up Your Ponytail and Give It Extra Fluff

Eva Pautov
by Eva Pautov
2 Materials
5 Minutes

If your go-to hairstyle has always been the ponytail, or maybe you’re just looking for a new look entirely, try this idea.

Just follow along with this tutorial to spice up your ponytail and give it extra fluff.

Tools and materials:

  • Scrunchie
  • Clear hair elastics
Making ponytail

1. Make a regular ponytail

Collect all of your hair in a ponytail and secure it with a scrunchie.

2. Make a small, topsy tail

Grab 2 equal sections of hair from either side of the ponytail and tie them together, on top of the rest of the hair, with a clear, hair elastic.

Then flip this small tail up and into the gap above the elastic to make a topsy tail.

Making topsy tail

Carefully pinch and pull at the topsy tail sections to add volume.


Pinching hair

3. Repeat

Make an additional topsy tail about 1-2” below the 1st topsy tail.


Repeat this a 3rd and 4th time if your hair is long enough and be sure to fluff out each section for volume. 

Pinching hair

Pinch and pull to adjust and tighten the top of the fluffed up ponytail.

Adjusting hair

Here’s the final result: 

Voluminous topsy tail ponytail

How to spice up your ponytail and give it extra fluff

It only takes a few minutes to create this voluminous topsy tail ponytail.

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Suggested materials:
  • Scrunchie
  • Clear hair elastics

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