My Trick for Steaming Delicate Fabrics

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford
5 Minutes

I love using my steamer to freshen up my clothes and remove wrinkles. However, sometimes I leave things a little too late and end up forgetting to steam my item until just before I actually need it. Sometimes this is a problem, especially with delicate fabrics like silky satin materials, because water stains from the steamer may temporarily stain the fabric and leave discoloured patches. That's why I always use this trick when I need to steam delicate fabrics or fabrics that show water marks.

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What you'll need for this trick is a steamer ( this is the one I use), an item you would like to steam, and a cloth.

You can truly use any fabric that you have whether it be a cloth, towel, or rag. Just be mindful, the item you're using with the steamer will get pretty damp.

Let your steamer heat up as necessary. Drape the cloth over the head of the steamer.

For this example, I'll show you how I steamed this super cute silky satin maxi skirt! Notice how wrinkled the fabric is before we start.

Run the steamer with the draped cloth over your garment as you typically would. It may take a little longer to completely smooth out the fabric of your garment, but it will be worth it.

Note: try a test area before committing to steaming your whole garment. Some fabrics may behave differently, so always follow the recommended directions on the tag. Try a test area in a place that won't show, like the interior, a pocket, or a small location on the back side.

Here is my after! I finished steaming this skirt in under five minutes without any water stains appearing.

I wanted to test out the skirt, so here is me wearing it out after its steam treatment. Not a wrinkle in sight!

Try this technique out the next time you're in a pinch for time and need to steam something or if you need to steam a delicate fabric, and let me know how it worked for you.

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