How to DIY Awesome Orange Flame Nails

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4 Materials
30 Minutes

In this nail tutorial, we’re going to be creating some orange flame nails on the background of a checkerboard.

If you love bright, fiery colors, this nail design is for you. Follow along as I show you how to create this cute design.

Tools and materials:

  • Nail polish (white, yellow, red, black)
  • Fine brush
  • UV light
  • Top coat
Applying base coat

1. Paint the base

Start by painting a white base coat. Then cut the nails and go over them with a second coat. 

Painting flames

2. Paint the flames

Then take yellow nail polish with a fine brush and draw some flames from the top of the nail.

I find that it’s easier to look at a picture of a flame when you’re doing this so that I can copy the image. Then, proceed to cure the nails.

Painting flames

3. Go over with red polish

Next, go over the top of the yellow flames with some red nail polish. We’re not quite creating an ombre effect, as the yellow isn’t wet. 

Painting flames

4. Blend the colors

With the red paint still wet, blend out the color slightly. We want it to be redder at the top, yellow at the bottom, and orangey in the middle.

You can add more red polish, yellow polish or mix the two until you have the desired effect.

Outlining flames

5. Outline the flames

Outline the flames with black nail polish and cure your nails.

Adding lines

6. Draw the background lines

Draw some vertical and horizontal lines throughout the white and then cure those.

Filling in boxes

6. Fill in the boxes

Fill in every other box with black nail polish to create a checkerboard look. 

Applying topcoat

7. Apply topcoat 

Go over the nails with a topcoat and then you’re done.

DIY orange flame nails

DIY orange flame nails 

Here is the finished look! I love the bright fiery flame contrasted against the black and white checkerboard.

If you’ve always wondered what a chessboard on fire looks like, now you know! This is a really different and unique nail look, and I hope you’ll give it a try! Let me know in the comments if you do.

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Suggested materials:
  • Nail polish (white, yellow, red, black)
  • Fine brush
  • UV light
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