How to Style a Fur Coat in 3 Super Cute Ways

by Unorthodoll
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Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to show you how to style a fur coat for this 2023 cold season.

I've thrifted two faux fur jackets, one long and one short, so let's get started!

Monochromatic fur coat look

Style 1: Monochromatic fur coat look

Here is a simple way to look put together with the minimal effort!

Just pick one color and look for all the shades of that color in your wardrobe. The monochromatic look will definitely simplify the outfit coordination.

You can also try closing the jacket to change up the look. With the brown, fur coat, I broke up the length by belting it.

With the shorter fur coat, I really like the look of a mini skirt just peeking out of the bottom. 

Monochromatic fur coat look

For colder days, try pairing pants with the fur coats for extra coverage.

Try a long pair with heels to add height, which helps to counterbalance the chunkiness of the fur coats.

Monochromatic fur coat look

Style 2: Mini dress with fur coat

For these looks, you’ll want to wear at least 1 pair of tights because we’re going with mini dresses.

Even in the middle of the winter, you can make a mini dress work with the right layering. 

Mini dress with fur coat

Style 3: Maxi skirt or dress with fur coat

Choosing a maxi skirt or dress is a great way to be glamorous and warm.

You can layer some thick leggings or warm pants underneath with boots and no one will see them!

Maxi skirt or dress with fur coat

How to style a fur coat

So those are a few fur coat outfit ideas for you.

Now that you’ve seen some ideas on how to style a fur coat, which option is your favorite? If you have another way to style a fur coat, let us know in the comments below.

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