Easy Voluminous Ponytail Hack Tutorial

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you my favorite ponytail hack for volume.

This ponytail volume hack will give you the perfect, relaxed, and messy everyday ponytail. Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Small clip
  • Hair bungee
  • Brush or comb
  • Regular hair tie
Deciding where you want your ponytail

1. Decide where you want to put your ponytail

Remember that the place where you put your ponytail is going to accentuate something on your face.

You don’t have to think that much, but if you want to have the perfect ponytail, keep in mind your facial structure when positioning your ponytail.

Pinning hair

2. Pin and part your hair

Divide your hair in the middle. The temples are a good place to start parting. Pin the top part to get it out of the way.

Brushing hair

3. Brush and tie the bottom section

Brush the bottom section of the hair into a ponytail.

This is the only part of the ponytail that you do want to brush, so make sure it’s tight and sleek.

Tying hair

Tie it back like this. I love this step because it makes sure we don’t have that saggy back underneath our ponytail.

Combining hair

4. Combine the rest of the hair into one ponytail

Let the clipped-away hair down and use it to create a ponytail on top of the pony that you already did. 

Adding volume

5. Manipulate the hair to get additional volume

If you have very thin hair with very little volume, you can tease a bit at the crown to make sure you have volume everywhere.

If you have a lot of hair like I do, you just put your hands into the ponytail and just pull a little bit and that will give you enough volume.

Pulling at sides

I also like to pull at the sides so it covers the separation line and it looks like a full hairstyle instead of two ponytails.

Tying hair

6. Tie your hair back with a hair bungee 

Instead of using a regular hair tie, use a hair bungee. These are going to ensure that you have the perfect ponytail. 

Tying hair

You only need to pin one side, wrap the tie around the ponytail, and then pin the other side. It’s that simple.

This will make sure your ponytail is very tight and secure, and it’s not going to mess with the shape that you already did.

Hair bungee

You can buy a hair bungee or you can make them with a hair tie and some bobby pins.

Pulling hair

7. Pinch and pull your hair at the sides

Pull out your hair a little bit to give it some texture and a bit more volume.

Adding clip

8. Add a clip to the ponytail for more volume

The ponytail is fantastic and a big improvement already but, to take it from here to amazing, you’ll only need a little clip.

Split the top section of your hair into two and put the clip in the base of the ponytail.

Just make sure it’s not showing, and you’re going to have instant volume without teasing.

Mini claw clip

Here’s what the clip looks like. 

Hiding the elastic

9. Hide the elastic

Take a little bit of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around just to hide the elastic.

Easy ponytail hack

Easy ponytail hack

Here’s the before and after of our ponytail!

I hope this fuller ponytail hack worked for you and let me know what you think about this hack down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Small clip
  • Hair bungee
  • Brush or comb
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