Cottagecore Outfits on a Budget

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

If you spend a lot of time on social media you'll know that aesthetics are where it's at. One of the most popular trending aesthetics (and my personal favourite) is cottagecore. In today's blog post, I'll show you budget-friendly ways to get a modern cottagecore look without breaking the bank.

I always start with a beautiful flowing dress when I want to look cottagecore. Florals and tulle are always fabulous options but my favourites are simple white dresses like this one from Silkfred. They look more contemporary, though I do of course love a more dramatic look on occasion too.

In this instance, I've added a pop of colour with the green crossbody bag from Shein, but you could add a basket bag to emphasise the cottagecore theme. I like neutral-toned basket bags but there are colourful options out there too.

A pretty hair bow is the perfect cottagecore accessory! I like to find affordable accessories to help me achieve the cottagecore look, because I can dress up what I already have instead of spending a fortune on new dresses all the time. If you have a couple of good dresses in neutral colours, you can accessorize them with beautiful accessories to achieve a new look each time.

Straw accessories are my absolute favourite for this aesthetic, whether that's straw bags, straw hats or even straw shoes.

However, cottagecore doesn't just have to be reserved for the warmer months. I wanted to show you how you can wear this look in colder weather too.

In winter, it's easy to get caught in a rut of only wearing jeans and jumpers, so sometimes I have to give myself a shake and remind myself there are other outfits too! Try pairing your favourite knits with a midi skirt instead. There are so many options on the high street at the moment but Shein and Chicwish are two websites that always have lots of choice when it comes to midi skirts.

You'll be surprised how warm this type of outfit keeps you. Wear with boots to help make the outfit more modern, and layer up underneath - no one will see your thermals, tights, socks or leggings! You can bundle up and still look cottagecore.

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