7 Summer Pants Outfits That Show Off The Season's Latest Trends

Dana Kind of Day
by Dana Kind of Day

Spring and summer bring warmer temperatures and plenty of sun, but not all of us want to get our legs out in shorts and miniskirts. That's why I love these seven summer pants outfits, which are lightweight, stylish, and perfect for cooler summer evenings or changeable spring weather.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to wear pants in the summer with the season's hottest new trends.

Distressed jeans with a corset top

1. Corsets

Blurring the boundaries between underwear and outerwear, the first summer trend on our list is corsets.

Classy, cute, and sexy, they provide a bit more structure to your silhouette than your standard tank top. Here I’ve contrasted the tight fit of the corset with a pair of relaxed-fit jeans.

Sheer top, jacket, split pants, and hat

2. Sheer

Here again, we’re blurring boundaries, but this time between what is visible and hidden. Sheer tops and dresses are on-trend.

Here, I’ve gone for a sheer pink t-shirt with a bralette underneath, but if you want to go for something a bit more concealed, you could opt for a vest-top underneath instead. The dark split pants offset the sheer top.

One-sleeve top and leopard-print pants

3. Cut-outs

Our next trend is cut-outs; the cut-out could be at your shoulder, at your waist, at the back, wherever you like. Here, I’ve gone for an asymmetrical, one-sleeved sweater.

I think this looks really classy, but just be careful because the cut-out trend could look trashy if you overdo it. The trick is to remember that less is more; going for something subtle and understated can still make a bold impact.

As my top, shoes, and bag are black, I've added leopard-print pants that crop at the ankle to give this more summery feel.

Pink and red summer outfit with joggers

4. Bright colors

On the color palette, we have everything bright. Not sure what colors to combine? Go for adjacent ones on the color wheel, think pink and red, green and yellow, orange and yellow, etc.

Also, you can see I’m wearing joggers! Joggers and other comfy elasticated clothing pieces are also going to be huge this summer. Gone are the days when we had to feel uncomfortable for the name of fashion!

Head scarf outfit with a blazer and jeans

5. Headscarves

The lightweight nature of scarves makes them an essential piece to have in your summer wardrobe. Not only do they come in a panoply of fun colors and patterns, but they are versatile too.

You can wear them as a bandana, a band around your head, a top, or a belt. There are so many possibilities open to you; scarves allow for constant restyling and reinterpretation. 

Boyfriend jacket set

6. Boyfriend jackets

Big, slouchy blazers won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon, and they’re such an easy grab-and-go piece. Though you can wear a jacket with whichever bottoms take your fancy, a sure-fire way to look put together is by wearing it as a set, as I’m doing here.

Jeans and light top with colorful accessories

7. Pop of color in accessories

Accessories are an easy way to add personality to your look, and this summer, you’re going to be using them to add a pop of color as well. The trick is to create a neutral outfit and then let your accessories do all the talking.

Here, I’ve gone for yellow shoes, a pink bucket hat, and a green bag. Just like a child eagerly smearing paint across paper, go for whichever colors jump out at you and excite you!

7 Summer pants outfits

Now that you know what’s hot for the summer, have fun playing about and creating some looks for yourself! Which outfit was your favorite?

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