9 Effortlessly Chic Blazer Outfits That Are Versatile & Easy to Wear

The humble blazer has long been a capsule wardrobe staple for me. Here, I will be showing you how versatile blazers really can be.

I will show you blazer outfits that are easy to recreate, comfy to wear, and will hopefully leave you feeling effortlessly chic.

Simple blazer and jeans outfit

1. Jeans, white tee, and blazer

Take a pair of your favorite jeans, add a belt and a white t-shirt and finish with a classic blazer. This look doesn’t require the blazer to be black or the jeans to be blue, as I’ve styled the outfit here.

The allure of this look is down to the simplicity of those four staple pieces; try not to complicate it more than that.

For footwear, I opted for daytime chic with my loafers, probably how I would wear this outfit the most. 

How to style a blazer and jeans outfit

But imagine you’ve worn this to the office, and you’re heading out for drinks afterward. Just a simple switch out from loafers to heels can make this outfit work just as well for the evening as it does for the day.

Blazer outfit with linen pants

2. Linen pants

In this next look, I’m wearing a pair of tailored linen pants. I’ve styled them very simply with a light-toned t-shirt that has a bit of a marbled effect that adds a bit of depth.

I’m also wearing a sprinkle of gold jewelry, some loafers, and my muted clay-toned blazer to add that all-important polish. 

Blazer and sneakers outfit

When I used to work in the city, I would pretty much always wear sneakers with outfits like this, and then I would switch them out when I arrived at work. But, styling blazers with sneakers works just as nicely for that easy, everyday feel.

Whichever way is your preference, keeping within that gentle palette seems to work nicely.

On-trend blazer outfit ideas

3. Cut-out trend

If I’m going to do the cut-out trend for spring/summer, it will be with something like this - one simple cotton jersey maxi with a minimal cutout detail across the neckline.

Layered with this light olive blazer brings the outfit back into the realm of relaxed but elevated, and it’s a look I’d reach for on warmer spring days.

I've added some flat sandals to make this dress feel even more subtle and effortlessly chic.

French-inspired blazer outfit ideas

4. Breton stripes

If in doubt about how to style a blazer, add stripes. That’s always a winner in my book. I particularly like navy stripes sat against camel.

I think that the camel adds a softness to the harsher stripes, and obviously, it feels a bit Parisian, which is never a bad idea. 

Breton stripes and blazer outfits

This tone of the camel blazer also works well against dark denim jeans.

For more advice on styling stripes, see my previous tutorial on classic Breton top outfits.

Blazer with belt outfit

5. Blazer and belt

Adding a belt is another easy trick to change up your blazer outfits. This adds interest, but it also has the bonus of defining your waist a little bit more.

I will say, however, that this look doesn’t work with all of the blazers that I have. Sometimes it looks a little bit tryhard, which I’m not keen on, so I think it’s really about a lot of trial and error with this.

The straight-leg jeans I’m wearing here feel like they work best for this more streamlined look.

Black blazer outfit

6. Layered over a maxi skirt

This outfit shows how nicely a blazer and a maxi skirt go together.

Another alternative to styling would be layering, something that I think is often forgotten when it comes to blazers, but it shouldn’t be underestimated.

Don’t forget that blazers are often a thin layer of fabric, so it’s fairly easy to layer a wool coat over the top, which adds another texture and tone and elevates the outfit even further.

Elegant blazer outfit ideas

7. Suit

Though they look like they’re a perfect match, the pants and blazer are actually from two different brands.

This outfit idea is a good example of how you can style a blazer as part of a suit but with a fresh and modern take.

How to style a casual blazer and sneakers outfit

8. Casual

In stark contrast to that last look, this next outfit idea is super casual; I’m wearing joggers and a hoodie.

The addition of the blazer takes this somewhat chilled outfit up a notch and turns it into something much more in keeping with how I like to dress.

I then added another element into the mix with a beautiful scarf.

I find these tonal looks work the best when you have a variety of textures. So the cotton hoodie against the wool of the blazer and then the knitted cashmere scarf.

How to style a white blazer outfit

9. Monochrome

White-on-white but do it with a blazer. First, I’ve styled the monochrome outfit with loafers for daytime chic.

Effortlessly chic white blazer outfit

Another option is to wear heels for something a little more dressed up.

The main thing that I love about this outfit is the contrast of that linen jacket sitting against the silk. It’s one of my favorite fabric combinations and feels elegant, sophisticated, and chic.

Effortlessly chic blazer outfits

The joy of a blazer for me really lies in its versatility. Find yourself a good one in a beautiful fabric, in a tone that you love, and you wear a lot. You’ll find that you’ll be able to mix and match it into so many different outfit ideas.

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